CGR Undertow – KINECT Joy Trip for Xbox 360 Video Match Review

Vintage Match Area provides a CGR Undertow assessment of KINECT Joy Trip for the Xbox 360. Kinect Joy Trip is a launch title for Microsoft’s motion peripheral. This CGR Undertow video clip recreation assessment options Kinect Joy Trip video clip gameplay footage and commentary from Vintage Match Room’s Ray.

50 thoughts on “CGR Undertow – KINECT Joy Trip for Xbox 360 Video Match Review

  1. the system control your speed in all racing games. the only thing you can make your car go faster is to do tricks or boost. Need for Speed games are the same as well.

  2. idc what people think i love this game as well as some other games i have for kinect. My sister is 4 years old like my 2 cousins which are 4 and 7 with me which im 13 and we all love this game.

  3. wtf it does so tell you what each weapon is & does for battle race it comes up during the load screen as you're about to go into a battle bloody NOOBS @ CGR undertow

  4. @ead021 Yeah well it's the same for everyone talking shit about PS Move and everything else EVER! so you STFU noob! Let everyone talk shit about shit they don't know.

  5. It seems strange that people have to grasp the air ahead of them in order to play this game. I suggest people use a wheel shaped object instead.

  6. i'm really liking these little clips of you guys, it's nice to see variety instead of straight game reviews. pretty bad game by the way.

  7. @ipodxdude haha playing a pc shooter with a laptop mouse pad 😀 its for the lulz man. Btw i dont see this kinect thing working at all^^ For a little more than the price of the Kinect you can buy a Wii and have 10x more fun…

  8. MaH rio??? Really Ray?? Didn't you pay attention to the way Derek said it, during his review of super MARIO chess??

  9. no one will buy a racing game controlled by your dick, racing games should be for controllers only, weather it be logitech steering wheels or a joypad that came with your console i say patch that bitch so we can adleast play it competitively its like playing a PC shooter with a laptop mouse pad

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