Chatting Autos with Client Experiences #forty five: Ford Transit Join and other containers on wheels

It can be a decidedly realistic episode of Chatting Autos, chatting all about containers on wheels. Initially up, a viewer problem asks about the Ford Transit Join. Client Experiences just completed testing a person, so we have a great deal to say. Other viewers inquire about minivans, which include why they you should not have diesels, and why no a person at any time mentions the Nissan Quest.

42 thoughts on “Chatting Autos with Client Experiences #forty five: Ford Transit Join and other containers on wheels

  1. I would warn buyers that we have a fleet of 5 Pro Master City. The ignition key gets locked and can not be taken out (2 weeks in shop), The transmission on another is having to be torn apart (piece by piece as per manufacturer instruction). We have only had these vehicles 3 months and all 5 vehicles are showing symptoms of having the same issues as the two in the shop now. Another note only certain dealers are authorized to work on Pro Masters. I have a Dodge Dealer about 3 miles away I have to travel 20 miles to get to an authorized dealer to repair any thing on it.

  2. Love your comments guys but i can't understand why the new Transit/Ram ProMaster and Sprinter Vans are never included in your reliability report… It's beyond belief that i have to choose one of those 3 without any real reliability data… (quiet sobbing)

  3. the thing is the transit  starts out as a work van and then converted into a passenger van. most regular vans start out as a passenger van and then converted into a work van. so the interior quality on this van is more of a 2nd thought then at the forefront like with many other vans in this class, considering these vans start out as work vans and the interior was made to be durable  for that purpose more so then elegant, which explains why this van has a lot of hard plastic trim. So don't expect to get stylish, and plush  interior trim in this van like in other vans in this class, but at the same time its hard plastic interior is more durable and can take more punishment which will last longer then stylish and plush trim will. So there is a trade off there. hard plastic trim doesn't bother me. i'd rather have something durable that can take punishment then something that can't. I have an 05 f150 xlt it has a hard plastic dashboard and hard plastic interior door trim and it's 10 years old now and the interior has held up pretty good, I prob couldn't have said the same if it was all leather stitched.

  4. +Meeker Extreme Not sure what happened to your comment bro, but agreed.  Made the switch and really digging the Transit.  Already taken 2 naps in her and change my clothes in her all the time as I hit the pool early and change in car for work.  The Ranger I had I simply hated.  It ran well, but just wasn't for me.  I'm not a 3" lift kinda guy, i'm from Boston.  We don't do that there lol.  I live on the beach in SoCal now and again, no need for the lift. 

    We'll see on the longevity, but so far so good.  Love an van I can crash out in and drives nice and can take to surf really quickly.  This one has it all…

  5. I guess they never drove a Diesel vehicle…LOL I stopped the video there, they obviously have no clue what they are talking about when it comes to vehicles. Typical CR's.

  6. I'm actually trading my 2012 FJ Cruiser in for a 2015 XLT Wagon tomorrow.  Reason being.  I dig my FJ, like the 4X4 but I don't use it often enough.  I needed something that had ease to camp in as well as load my 100 lb bulldog King Louie.  I have a son but he lives with his mom but they visit often.  Putting a baby seat in the FJ is not easy at all.  In fact it sucks.  I usually had the back seats out of my FJ so it was essentially a two seater.  I surf a ton and snowboard a ton as well.  I wanted something that was minivanish if that's even close to a word.  I got the roof racks for my surfboards and tow hitch for my bikes as I dig doing triathlons.

    I had a 2007 Ford Ranger and hated it with a passion, but testing this thing out was super rad.  I got a wagon doors, not the lift up as I like to carry alot of camp gear with me at all times ( zombie apocalypse ready ) and was able to piece together what I was looking for.

    I decided to lease as I heard 2017 they will have the diesel Transit Connect here in the states.  My trade in for my FJ was insane as they are now discontinued.  I actually made a good chunk on my trade since i'm leasing. 

    Best car I ever had was my Honda Elements ( yes I had 3, last one was taken by a drunk driver ).  The Transit Connect is for me, the closest I could get back to that Element feeling…

  7. Don't buy the Ford Transit, Our 2014 Van with less 1500 miles is out of service for more than 4 months and counting… because they dont have parts ( doors) , a small rear accident converted in U$ 10.000!! weak car and the worst costumer service  Ford case number CAS-5808073-F5M3W5

  8. A car like this has it's place,it's the perfect 7 seat hire car for visiting pax east over the three days!!!

  9. The demand has been increasing by the 'outdoor crowd' for simple boxes like the Transit Connect. So, not having any bells-and-whistles in the passenger area is fine for that market segment. More clearance would be ideal b/c roadtrips for this crowd will end-up on bumpy dirt roads. My guess is CR leans towards the Odyssey for lower long-term maintenance?  But the Odyssey isn't very stealth.

  10. As a TC Owner, I have three things which have been deemed "as designed" when I had my dealership look into them – Rear heater has very low output | Driver cannot illuminate the cabin (without opening a door) | Mirrors that will not unfold when the vehicle is in motion.   #unminivan  I own a 2015 TC Titanium.

  11. It's so easy to talk when it's not your money.  If Ford actually sold a diesel Transit, with manual transmission, none of you would buy it.  I owned a  Eurovan with manual transmission.  I think mine was one of 500 in the U.S.
    I drove a Ford Mondeo in Europe with manual and turbo-diesel.  It made sense in Europe where gas is $10/gallon.  Here, a V6 or turbo I4 gas makes more sense, and the public doesn't want (or even know how to use) a manual transmission.

  12. The old 2.5 is flawless! I have a 2010 Ford Fusion with 190K miles on it! Very,very reliable!

    The VW Routon should put a TDI in that mini van. Dodge could flip the 3.0 CRD into the Caravan. They already make Diesel in America!

  13. Guy on the right should just go home. I can't say he contributed anything worthwhile to the conversation.

  14. Question: I recently purchased a 2014 Honda Accord EX-L with both an extended warranty and extended maintenance plan. I'm having second thoughts about the extended plans-which add up to about $3500- and was wondering if I should cancel them?

  15. If I could make one small suggestion to CR with these videos: could you please show just a little bit more b-roll, especially when you're describing certain details about cars.  Specifically, I'm thinking of when Gabe was describing the inside of the Nissan Quest and the "trunk" it has.  It would have been nice to see that shot, as I am unfamiliar with that feature.  I suppose at the end of the day, I can google it (I will).  Love these videos – it's must-see TV for me!

  16. How long until the 2015 Golf test gets posted to the CR website? I want to know how it tests before I consider buying it.

  17. Thanks for addressing my question about the Quest. I'm a little confused and a bit upset though that Consumer Reports could rate the van higher than the Sienna, but then go and say in a video "we wouldn't recommend people buying it." Well I did buy one and part of my reasoning was your ratings. Would you also recommend not purchasing the Sienna? The Odyssey was clearly the better van, but the dealers were offering huge discounts on the Quest ($8K off MSRP for a loaded SL model), while the Odyssey remained the much more expensive car. I always planned on driving the car for at least 7 years, but now I'm even more worried about resale since CR can't even recommend buying it.  I think that CR does a great job overall in their car ratings, but this is an example of where I wish there was more consistency, or at least greater depth offered on the pros and cons of purchasing a vehicle. BTW, the Quest seats 7 not 6. It's a great van overall, but does drive a bit boring, as Gabe mentioned; although the CVT isn't an issue – it's a minivan! I just wish it had more conveniences such as more storage space (no sunglasses holder or big cubbies), standard bluetooth streaming, and a larger drivers seat – the thigh support could be better. But thanks again for using my question in your video. It was a great surprise.

  18. I Love this show, It's always to short for me. Just saying. Keep up the superb work. I find myself itching for the next show. 

  19. Just sounds like a couple of guys out at the bar, doesn't sound like a group I'd like to ask important questions to.

  20. Nice episode.

    Question:  Where do you source your fuel and do you take note of better or worse milage with Ethanol or without ?

  21. hi CR I don't think you tested the latest diesels from europe , I have a diesel fiesta 1.5 TDCI yes its 75hp but who cares I got 150 in a flat torque curb from 1.500 RPM to 3.000 , your usual driving band in a diesel in a the small fiesta it push you in your seat any time , the fun part is the MPG it gets , my daily comute is 90% urban/traffic (2 hours for 50km) and I get 4.7l/100km in the winter (50 US MPG) and 5.7 in the summer (A/C on all the time stuck in traffic) 42MPG , last month I had to take it for a long trip (800km) and my average MPG was around 3.1l/100km its 75MPG and I'm not even light on the gas , the trip was average 75MPH with some 110MPH on the flat straights , and the best thing is that the engine has a big tuning potential , I'm talking 115hp and 200 in the safest remap setup , and yes its a manual :)

  22. I like this sit down Q and A format. It gives you a chance to have a more fluid and unscripted discussion. Keep ut up please

  23. Why is it that Ford keeps pumping vehicles out before they're fully developed?  A dozen recalls on the Escape, the problems  you've had with that Transit, isn't this hurting the brand?  

  24. Whatever happened to the Ford Flex…?  Never saw them advertised in local media by established Ford dealers in Houston, TX. ???

    The local "Yellow Cab" franchise in Houston, has NOT bought any Ford product since Crown Victoria & Mercury Marque (Some still in fleet have over 300,000 miles on them, city council several years ago, granted permission to cab companies to keep them 1 year past manditory (By Houston cab regulations) 5 year retirement rate.. Now most houston Yellow Cab's are Dodge mini-van type, with a small number Dodge Caravan having wheel chair lift in back for door to door para-transit use… (The Dodge vans appear to sound like rattle traps after 3-4 years hard driving by city cab drivers.)..

    Lastly, for luxury, Yelow cab has a small fleet of Lincoln Navigators for primarily airport to business district runs, these come equipped with slide out steps that open when passenger doors are opened, these will likely last as long as the Ford Crown Victorias easily, narry a rattle the last ride I took in one & it was a 4 year old model with over 300,000 miles..

  25. One seat wouldn't release in one, the other two seats wouldn't release but after a test drive one of the seats would release.  By yourself with nothing in it the performance was OK with the base 2.5L engine which is very dated, put some people in it and it's gutless.  If you go with the 1.6L EcoBoost you will need Premium Fuel to get those Performance & MPG numbers.

  26. Hi, I'm 23, I currently have a 2003 mitsubishi galant gtz v6, and looking to upgrade to a 2011 Infiniti G37 xdrive, 2011 Vw cc, or 2011 Bmw 3 series. I was wondering if there a good choice and are they rated good, and if you guys at CR would recommend them? how's there reliability?

  27. Unfortunately diesel options in the United States lack considerably. They offer plenty of torque reliability and better fuel economy

  28. The reason there's no diesel minivans in the USA are because the low price of gas.  Diesels here are for macho heads who want a commercial truck engine in a pickup truck or wealthy folks making a statement against hybrids.  Give VW the nod for making diesel both fun and practical – they're really the ONLY ones doing it.  

    In Europe, gas is about $6.00 a gallon, and diesel similar.  If fuel was that costly here, you would see more diesels.  Back in the late 70's diesels became popular here somewhat when the cost of fuel was rising rapidly with inflation.  When fuel pricing stabilized, the diesel went by the wayside.  That and Americans don't like to shift gears and depress clutches in traffic jambs – it's just the way of our instant-gratification, texting, social networking "haven't got the time" culture.  

    We also don't open our windows – we turn the AC on full blast.  It's just the way we are.

  29. 16:00 @crcars you should measure hp/torque as car makers lie! If they lie about mpgs they will lie about hp/tq numbers and people do care what those numbers are. I can't believe you think they don't!!!!!!!!!!

  30. I have 30k to spend on a new or used car. I like sporty cars (preferably with a manual transmission) that look good and have decent power (200+). What should I get? (P.S. Something with a nicer interior would be sweet).

  31. Another great podcast!  Really enjoy these:  they're informative, well produced, not overly long or boring.   Keep 'em comin' guys.
    Thumbs UP!

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