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UPDATE: We have completed testing the Cruze. Look at out our whole assessment:

The 2011 Chevy Cruze presents a little turbocharged motor to make improvements to fuel-financial system without the need of sacrificing functionality. Client Reports’ automobile engineer, Jake Fisher, can take it for a very first travel at the examination monitor. Uncover far more auto assessments on our internet site:

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  1. If its a Canadian product it should be 5 * meaning its about style an a drive train we pefer Awd, or Rwd an manual transmissions

    Yeeehaw .

  2. @domination281
    I used to call my wife's Mazda3 a Jap-Ford, used to piss her off. We traded it for a Cruze.
    And actually, the cruze was designed by DAewoo, engineered by Opal.

  3. @Mightylite94 he said his "previous" corolla "had" an engine fail after 32k miles. He did not say his "current" corolla "has" 32k miles with a failed engine. Notice the use of tense here. I assume he still has the honda as he said my honda "has" serious electrical issues. So it looks like he has 2 cars which is normal since he most likely owes nothing on the buick. As far as him lying or not, idk tho LOL

  4. @ForzaJersey so… why did you buy 2 other cars while you had the regal? And the toyota you said had 32k miles, yet the 09 which is 4 years NEWER has 12k more miles? wth… bad lie

  5. Chevrolet…Nice design,but very nasty.The quality is low,the body is very easy to bend. The rust will appear in 2-3 years. Why to buy it?

  6. @realtv1982 We have a 1998 Durango with 278,000 miles on it. Not a single problem. Just regular battery and oil changes. MOST of the time, its how cars are maintained, no built. Any car can be reliable if taken care of properly.

  7. I've had a 2007 Honda Civic EX Coupe and had just as many problems with it than any GM I have owned including it needing a new transmission at 50,000 miles. I test drove several cars including the Cruze, and 2012 Civic and ended up going with the Cruze. no question the Cruze is a better car. GM quality is going up, Honda's is going down fast.

  8. America we don't make good cars at all, 193000 miles (2005) Matrix no problems! Can't wait to get my Camry

  9. @ForzaJersey your just an ignorant american who is one of a few that had a bad experience with a Japanese car. Comparing a buick to a honda or toyota is dumb. A buick is a more luxury car then a japanese economical car. Ofcourse it is better, because you spent more on it. Your just looking for reasons to hate japanese cars

  10. @domination281 Focus and Mazda 3 has different frame. Cruze has the same frame as Astra third generation.

  11. @Pavor4u Thats because it looks better. Most people don't like to drive shoe boxes, if you do then hit toys r us and get a pack of micromachines, you should be happy then. The cruze eco gets up to 44 mpg highway, Do any of your micro machines in this class do that?

  12. Why does everyone keep saying it's a daewoo? The focus and mazda 3 sedan share the same frame and engine, just different body paneling and no one dogs ford for what if gm decided to pull ideas from one of their subsides? It's still a good car

  13. american cars is down lately but this might be a game changer since japanese cars mostly dominated the streets since its cheap and practical i have a 2000 Honda CRV it still runs like a babe but i might consider buying this one for city driving

  14. @Pavor4u Look at 2012 Civic, it has done nothing to improve itself. Honda just its exterior and that is all..

  15. I'm getting 40mpg on our Eco. It's every bit as tight as our various Asian imports in the past. As far as bailouts go, the foreign countries have actively subsidized their auto industries for decades. Do some research into it. Japan and Germany especially. If the car doesn't hold up over time, I'll be the first critic…but as of now, I'll take the Cruze over our 2009 Civic or 2010 Mazda.

  16. @GBraidi78 it is still a minor issue. Cruzes around the world never experienced steering falling off from the car. Hopefully GM solves the problem in prompt and correct manner.

  17. This is bogus because they are government rated at 36-42 mpg on the high way car makers pay off consumers to give there cars better rateings than other cars they also hire people to go work for consumers and give other cars bad ratings all of this can be seen when looking at the Toyota recall where consumers testers experienced unintended acceleration and said nothing until after people got into car accidents got hurt or killed just because Toyota payed them to say nothing

  18. I just heard on the news that chevy is having a recall on these cars due to steering wheel coming off while driving or something like that. That's very dangerous if you ask me!!

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