Chevy Tahoe Hybrid Assessment | Customer Studies

The Chevy Tahoe hybrid’s 19 mpg general is remarkable for a massive SUV. But dealing with is awkward and braking distances are prolonged. Study additional about the Chevy Tahoe and other hybrid automobiles with our totally free manual to gas financial state: and trucks/new-cars and trucks/resource-heart/gas-financial state-manual/index.htm?EXTKEY=I93YT01&CMP=OTC-YUTBE

32 thoughts on “Chevy Tahoe Hybrid Assessment | Customer Studies

  1. Lol he said the rear seats don't recline but you can obviously see the lever to recline the seat

  2. 19 mpg for a hybrid? What a terrible vehicle … they could have installed a diesel engine around 4 litres and made 26 mpg … why are Diesels kept from the markets in the USA when they are used so much more in any other nation in the world excpet north America.

    Could it be the govt wants poor economy so they profit from the taxes recieved from the Gas Taxes?

  3. @superpianoplayer47 What pros? The tahoe is huge, no cargo room w/ 3rd row seats, 3rd row seats suck… At least second row seats are somewhat comfortable….

  4. you can put a lift kit on this and still get 17mpg in the city in 4wd mode. That is why gay ass Toyotas will never be better then a Chevy

  5. 6000lbs of towing eh… umnm my 2005 tacoma double cab, long bed, V6 with the automatic transmission does 6500lbs.. i may have pushed her over that a bit a few times and still gets heavenly gas mileage compared to that darn hunk of scrap metal… is more reliable and I can bet that if considered the manufacturing of the batteries for that tahoe and the emissions combined I'd be still coming on top..

  6. 6000lbs of towing eh… umnm my tacoma V6 does 6500lbs and still gets heavenly gas mileage compared to that damn hunk of scrap metal…

  7. Why pay more for a car like this when you get tons more utility and better looks from an expedition? Plus, 19 mpg does not justify it's price tag and lack of amenities. I mean, non reclinable rear seats, no tumble down third row seating and non electrical driver seating? What is this… a 1930's wagon? In my perspective it It sure needs a redesign.

  8. why don't they make diesel hybrids? run car on battery all the time but have a small economic diesel engine to charge battery when though power draw or provide electircity direct to electric motor and WTF is up with you merkins….why the hell do you need such a large vehicle if your not a farmer!!! I heard your burgers are big over there but WHAT!

  9. the suburban and taho needs to go back to the crack , back to the day of the old school 72-90
    those subrubans are offroaders and comfy

  10. Ugly Hybrid decals on the bottom of the Tahoe! My Excursion does 11mpg so 19mpg is alright.

  11. Wow, very bad ergonomics…i swear at government motors they do not think before they build. They rear seat is a joke. No power seats, thats awful and GM tend to loose value really quick and they are STILL not reliable.

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