Children of Dune and Deathlands Book Update

2012 – Episode 46

This time around, we take a look at a couple of recent used bookstore finds! And ALMOST talk about the latest Conan books I picked up….almost.

8 thoughts on “Children of Dune and Deathlands Book Update

  1. Wow man your copy of Pilgrimage to hell is in great conditions! My one is nowhere as good as that one , for three dollars is the bargain of the year!
    Read it when you can it is what I judge a B book but great fun.

  2. I like both the original and the new Dune books, but the problems with the new ones is that they often make mistakes when it comes to the original setting and they are not as well written.

  3. You will be rewarded when reading the Dune cycle of novels; they get really great around 'God Emperor of Dune'. The rest are also good, even the 'Dune 7, novels done by Kevin J. Anderson and Franks' son. The writing is not qute up to sniff, but the story is.

  4. Hey, Sean, have you seen the movie/read the book/read the comicbookadaptation of Coraline? If not you really should. They are all great. The original book was written by Neil Gaiman (I know you know him)

  5. I started collecting Aliens Omnibuses and Dead Space novels.good stuff! ps: have you heard of "Northlanders"? It's about the Vikings!you should check it out

  6. wondering if you got the new JUSTICE LEAGUE DOOM.Would like a review.enjoy every one of your videos.Also how about a new overview of your collection?

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