Civil War 2061 Board Sport Toy Overview on ToyReviews on YouTube

Toy Overview of the quite Prophetic “Civil War 2061” Board Sport by Mike Mozart on ToyReviews Channel on YouTube. A Board Sport that predicts an Unsure Potential of the United states of america with stunning depth and the unique experience that it could truly happen.

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  1. that is incorrect, we had the industrial revolution in the early 1900's. It may not be every 20 years, but we had revolutions WAY past the 1700's. 

  2. The video author doesn't seem to have actually played the game. It is just awful. it is poorly edited, badly explained, and borderline neo-Confederate in some aspects. Not really worth much at all. 

  3. @SarahVocaloid LuvsKawaii It's not only these assholes today, it's the Progressive regimes as a collective. They are the most close-minded, power hungry knaves humanity has seen in recent history and by God with people not giving two shits, history's going to repeat and we'll once again see a great nation fall apart.

  4. DUDE look around now. America is already falling apart because of Obama. This actually is happening and nobody seems to realize it, except for a few of the families I know who thought Obama would be a good president, but he's destroying this country without realizing it. And as for the question of this video, yes, I do believe it could happen, and I actually believe it is going to happen if we don't be careful.

  5. As someone who lives in California, if the left did fully take over California there would be no farm land because the Environmentalists would latch on and refuse to allow anyone to do anything that might even remotely hurt nature and everything would have to grow on it's own. Anything that used gas would be banned and they'd all walk because you can't abuse animals by taking care of them either. I really wish I was joking. CA would doom itself in less then a few months.

  6. Speaking as a political science nerd, a new Civil War is theoretically possible, but it probably wouldn't last more than a few months. Let's face it… right-wingers in the south and mountain regions would likely be the aggressors, but the people leading the secessionist movements in those areas don't realize all the money and lots of the farmland is in the northeast, midwest, and California. They wouldn't be able to sustain themselves… AND they could easily be embargoed by the military.

  7. Board games are stupid. Do reviews on sex toys. How about a flesh light review? Which one makes you bust a nut. Or rubber fists? Which one is the funnest to fist that poopie hole. Come on! You know you want to do it!

  8. I usually try not to think about such things – ignorance is bliss, they say – but yes I could see this happening. Either that or we'll just be taken over by a co-op of other countries. That aside, as a big Risk fan I have to say this game looks kinda cool.

  9. I'm sorry. I've taken a lot of flack for something I barely thought about lol. But I live in an area where I say god damn it and get punched but they openly and proudly use the n word, so I'm sorry, I barely thought about it when I wrote it.

  10. Cool game for sure and this might happen because you know… politician's can make stupid moves like SOPA shit we had. I bet my money that if Something like SOPA passes in the future it might turn into civil war or a Revelation. 

  11. Don't hate on the South because you live in a bad neighborhood or have come across a couple of rednecks. The problem is the types of people who actually believe what you said is true.

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