Classic Game Room HD – TERMINATOR SALVATION review

Classic Game Room HD reviews TERMINATOR SALVATION for the Xbox 360, this game is also available on PS3, PC and iPod (no, I’m not kidding). Play as John Connor and wipe the floor with Skynet using machine guns, shotguns, grenade launchers and RPGs. Blast those robots back to the 20th century! This CGRHD review of Terminator Salvation the video game has gameplay footage from Terminator Salvation on Xbox 360 (and PS3 looks the same) showing gameplay of the game play in action during gunfights, combat and flanking maneuvers. Developed by Grin this game has a very similar look and feel to Wanted: Weapons of Fate, but with less stuff in it. Terminator Salvation is a fun game to be sure… wasting Terminators, skinjobs and crab like tank thingies. Just don’t expect a very long game. On the other hand gunfights are entertaining, it has the cool Terminator music score and blowing up enemies looks and sounds great. Flank most of the bad guys to shoot them in the back, blast the guys out of the air with the shotgun and even take control of one of those HUGE tank robot things from the beginning of James Cameron’s 1984 movie, The Terminator. Terminator Salvation is a 3rd person perspective TPS shooter with first person shooter elements. Swap guns on the go, lob grenades and blast those metal muthaf—- shut yo’ mouth! DAMN! Earn 1000 Achievement points in the Xbox 360 version in a single playthrough and rid the earth of Skynet… sort of, at least until the movie. The events in Terminator Salvation the video game take place before the Terminator Salvation movie. Fun game, I just wish it was longer and had more to do. Classic Game Room HD reviews the Terminator video game for Xbox 360 and by default other video game consoles right here on CGRHD, the place for the dopest down def classic and modern reviews on the Internet or in the ocean or anywhere else that exists. In fact, CGRHD is the epitome of hype and rules realms that don’t even exist.

21 thoughts on “Classic Game Room HD – TERMINATOR SALVATION review

  1. FarSight Studios has the Terminator table on Xbox 360 (The Pinball Arcade) I think. I liked both Terminator Salvation and Genesis.

  2. We respect your opinion immensely but after playing this, it's quite terrible. However, The Terminator on the Sega CD is another story.

  3. The only thing wrong here is Arnold Schwarzenegger is not in the game.
    I guess Terminator 2 3D is and was his final Hasta la vista, baby.

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