Classic Game Room – NEW XBOX 360 vs. OLD XBOX 360 review

Classic Game Room HD reviews the NEW XBOX 360 vs. the OLD XBOX 360 in a Classic Game Room vs. CGR Undertow Xbox 360 review. The game consoles both do exactly the same thing but they look completely different and have different finishes.

33 thoughts on “Classic Game Room – NEW XBOX 360 vs. OLD XBOX 360 review

  1. i own the old original microsoft xbox and old original microsoft xbox and the old original launch day super nintendo entertainment system they are my 3 favorite consoles

  2. i have the black xbox 360 elite 120 GB my friend never used so bought it from for 50 buck with wifi adaptor, 20 games ,iron man controller and normal one ,mic but as for the new one i like the built in Wi-Fi.

  3. lol i have a original xbox a xbox 360 fat a xbox 360 slim a xbox one a ps1 fat, ps2 slim, ps3 fat , ps4 slim a nes a snes a gamecube a wii a ds a 3ds a sega genisis a sega saturn and a sega dreamcast and a atari 2600 yep (im not rich dont ask i collect these as my hobby THIS IS FOR YOU Lord Karnage keep in mind guys these consoles are all mine except for the snes the atari 2600 and the original xbox those are my dads but the other consoles are mine)

  4. okay, here is my situation. i have the old white Xbox 360 xbox live gold. and about 20 games, should i get a Xbox one or a Xbox 360 elite?

  5. ps3 has god of war the last of us and plays blue ray and has a decent controller but Xbox has halo gears of war and the best controller ever

  6. The one thing I hate so much about Microsoft's Xbox series (360, Xbox One and onward) is you have to pay to play online for a month or a year, and that is stupid.

  7. The only thing I don't like about the xbox 360 are the inextricable wires plus that huge, secondary power box. Like even the ps3 doesn't have that. But regardless of that, I have both consoles and I will stick with those two. Screw next gen! They robbed all the potential games for the old gen!

  8. I got my 360 in 08, it still works pretty good except for the disk tray getting stuck sometimes, we have an elite in the living room that we use for movies, but I'll need it if my classic breaks.

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