Classic Game Room – RANGO for PS3 review

Classic Game Room reviews RANGO for Playstation 3 PS3 from EA, the Rango videogame tie in based on the movie Rango but with a different plot and adventure! R…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Part 1 of 2. Watch in High Definition. Classic Game Room HD reviews KILLZONE 2 for the PS3 Playstation 3! This review includes Killzone 2 gameplay footage of…

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Classic Game Room - RANGO For PS3 Review

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50 thoughts on “Classic Game Room – RANGO for PS3 review

  1. i never understood why the developers put so many collectibles in these
    games i mean when i played them i beat it and never touched it again

  2. My little cousin got this. Borrowed it and bam, easy Platinum Trophy.

  3. i know mark can be a busy man but maybe sometime there could be a classic
    film room???

  4. @limitsora69 ohhhh haha that was the 90’s? haha i was born in january 1990,
    so i wouldn’t no the beginning rating system all that well, i remember when
    they use to show dbz in the uncut version and that is about it

  5. @hollow088 I’m sure you will have sleepless nights! Because they will be in
    your bed!

  6. I’d better have Ratchet and Clank rather than this one

  7. Looks a heck of a lot like Ratchet and Clank

  8. How? It was aimed at kids. So how is it not a kids movie.

  9. I decide to purchase the game because of your show….its 2.98 at… joke…

  10. Did anyone else see the little warning markers (4 lightening bolts) above
    enemies heads when they’re about to attack? Arkham Asylum already did that
    I think..

  11. I was really surprised over how much I loved this film.

  12. Could you make a review of the best RPG ever? Final Fantasy IX, you can
    download it from the Playstation Stor.. wait….. anyway im playing it all
    the time now its really good !

  13. @DownloadDoctor1 PC is dead, nobody plays it nemore, cosoles beat that gay
    little 1 inch screen retarded little mouse. Face it, consoles won

  14. classic game room, best reviews for everyone and every age! CHEERS MARK!

  15. I love how you can tell if the game is good or bad just by listening to the
    tone of mark’s voice

  16. 2:37 Hurray for the dixie horn! xD Reminds me of Dukes of Hazzard. God
    bless rednecks!

  17. @shadowtsunami im saying the one in the 90’s that rating system was
    horrible 😛

  18. I loved Killzone 2, even more then 3 and i think that Killzone Shadow Fall
    is just not as impressive as Killzone 2 was for its time. It was the game
    that made me buy a PS3 when i was only playing PC for 3 years and some PS2
    it just amazed me when i saw the 5 min demo on screen in an Italian
    PCWorld… I will never forget that moment and the moment bought the
    Killzone 2 PS3 bundle xD

  19. This game is good and the feeling when you kill five enemies with your
    machine gun and cant see a shit after that and you are only one shot close
    to death and hack last enemy to death with your empty machine gun.

  20. Where does he find this amazing Mariachi music?! XD

  21. just an amazing game I remember back when I finished killzone on my ps2 I
    was so exited when I saw the demo

  22. The music he played had nothing to do with the Origins from Mexico.

  23. I see what you’re saying. I don’t want this series to sell out like CoD,
    but I want Killzone to do for the FPS genre what Gran Turismo 3 did for the
    racing simulation. Just a weird way of me saying that the Killzone series
    is very underrated (Understood that Killzone is PlayStation exclusive, but

  24. Actually your wrong! Recently Kz2 has come burst into action once again! if
    your unable to find servers try changing your filtering its now ard to get
    into matches 😀

  25. I love this game so much. The death animations were really good, not like
    scripted ones found in many games today. Top that with one of the most
    badass villian ever, Colonel Mael Radec, and its easy to understand why
    this game is still one of my favorite games of all time.

  26. these granads atcualy thel you wen there explouding

  27. talking about the music,can you play any tracks in a game on the PS3,as you
    can on 360

  28. Why is it that any time a FPS is brought up, COD has to be brought up also?

  29. I just wish KZ3 hadnt change so many good things KZ2 had oh well I guess
    shadowfall will go back to the roots like kz2 was

  30. He said that it would be cool if there was a sex scene between the Vektan
    and Helghast…..

  31. I dont like the weapon choice in this game. Also i thought it was kind of
    short. And it gets repetitive just fighting the red eyed dudes.

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