Okay Allergy Victims. You questioned for the 2016 tips, and to review this: air purifier . This buyer report air purifier review covers the 9-phase Alive Air Purifier. It can be been about considering that 2006 and represents a enterprise which proceeds to evolve the air purifier technological know-how.

Hundreds of alive air purifiers have been marketed straight from the website which retains the value of this air purifier, and it is HEPA filters inexpensive. The owner of Alive Air United states, LLC, a former asthmatic and allergy sufferer, wanted an air purifier that did did more than the air purifiers he has been screening and exploring considering that 1976.This buyer report best air purifier winner is the Alive Air Purifier

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Most air purifiers only use 2-3 technologies. This buyer report best air purifier is the alive air which uses 9 technologies and I’m gonna take you by the controls and the pieces inside it. You’ve got got five various speed configurations but just one of them is “auto” and on car it quickly detects odor dust and allergens. Then it has a timer – 1HR., 2hr. 4hr but I leave it on 24/seven. It has a light-weight for changing the filter and clean up the metal grid. It has 2 washable filters together with the other seven filters inside so to open it press this minor button and raise the protect off and inside the very first detail you see is a pre-filter. What this does is capture your hair, your dust, pet hair and dander . Behind it is an electrostatic grid with these minor wires. This is a beneficial and negatively charged grid and what that does is that usually takes a whole lot of pollution and smoke as perfectly. To take that off and we have a filter HEPA filter that’s best for allergic reactions. It’s what will gather your dust and your pollen. And what they did was powering the HEPA is essentially a carbon Filter. Carbon is going to gather your odor, your smoke, your chemicals then this is tio2, titanium dioxide, that essentially boosts the UV bulb powering it and when uv shines on tio2 it magnifies that frequency that UV frequency which can get rid of germs, viruses, germs. And then inside you have a motor that’s rated for a hundred thousand several hours – that’ll indicate it’s going to operate for 12 decades 24/seven at the very least. Then again in there exactly where you cannot see in the again there is a unfavorable ion generator. What unfavorable ions do is when you’re out in mother nature unfavorable ions are essentially what running drinking water and waterfalls and tress do is create a whole lot of unfavorable ions. They are essentially good for you – they support you think better and are seriously good for your lungs, and for your human body. It essentially can help the mitochndria, the vitality source in the human body. so that’s a buyer report air purifier opinions of the 9 phase alive air purifier.

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  1. I have a question, does the Air Purifier have a fan that gives clean fresh air?

  2. hi,
    we have a store that sells perfume, candles, soaps and lotions that sometimes bother customers. we dont have a lot of space, but we need something to conquer odors first and foremost. can you make any recommendations? thanks

  3. I got Honeywell 50250-S . But it's a bit big and lound for my bedroom.I get headache very often,easily to get allergy.I want fresh air. Please help me! Give me some suggestions. Or do you think the one in this video is perfect ?

  4. just curious what other units did you compare this to? Did you do real world testing with other units?

  5. All air purifiers should come with replacement filters! Japan sales purifiers with replacement filters but America sells overly replacement filters to price gouge customers

  6. What's your opinion on the Oreck Air  Purifier?  We bought one a few years ago for over $600.00. It had the Truman filter.

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