Collect and Post Reviews for Google Places and Local Mobile Marketing I’ve put together a video series, “20 Tips To Grow By”, for businesses with a local market.

The Third video in the series is: Collect and Post Reviews. I have a friend who has a computer repair business in Lindenhurst, IL. When I type that into Google the mapped results are at the top of the page with my friends listing showing first. I want to post a review for him. Let’s go to his place page. Google tells us he already has 8 reviews. Along with a lot of other information on his place page is the actual reviews as they are listed in Yahoo and Dex Knows, and also a Google review.

I filled out a form for my friend’s business and scanned it. Then I uploaded it to posterous and typed it also. When I finish posterous gives me a link that leads back to this post. Now I type or copy and paste my review to Google with a note at the bottom “original review can be found at ” followed by the link from posterous. The goal is to collect real reviews and post them in such a way that they appear real also.

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