Common Video game Place – PS3 DUALSHOCK three controller evaluate

Common Video game Place opinions the PLAYSTATION three DUALSHOCK three controller for PS3 with Sixaxis and rumble. This Sony wi-fi controller for PS3 is the 3rd Dualshock controller with somewhat considerably less vibration than the magnificent Dualshock two for Playstation two. This CGR evaluate of the Sony PS3 Dualshock controller displays Hd video of the Dualshock three controller getting reviewed for Playstation three. The Dualshock three controller will come included with newer design Sony PS3 video game consoles.

29 thoughts on “Common Video game Place – PS3 DUALSHOCK three controller evaluate

  1. I have a ps3 slim, and when I play games with the controller, my fingers don't slip off of the thumbsticks and the triggers

  2. Best review for this controller on the face of the internet everything you said I was thinking friend

  3. the ps3 is the most uncomfortable controller its handles are completely flat it defeats the whole purpose you either have to be five or have dwarfed hands in order to grip it also the "Triggers" yeah no

  4. Basically all the Dual Shock is is just  a SNES controller with 2 handles and 2 analog sticks,and it's quite possibly the most uncomfortable controller of it's generation.You can get around it,but the Xbox 360 controller is undoubtably superior.

  5. Was there any version of the DualShock 2 controller that didn't have vibration in it because I got one brand new off the internet and I can't get it to vibrate

  6. I'm 11 years old and want a PS3. But I'm not sure if the PS3 controller will fit comfortably in my hand. Please someone answer back. ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. At school they used to have a PS2, so we would always play MX vs ATV and crash our bikes or whatever and then set the controller on the table so it vibrated around. I got more entertainment from that than some real games.

  8. personally I like the ps3 controller more than the 360 controller maybe that's just me I don't know -:

  9. The reason why the Dualshock 2 has better rumble than the Dualshock 3 is because the Dualshock 2 runs off a wire and not a battery, so its power is unlimited. The Dualshock 3 runs off a battery and you would have to keep charging it every several hours if its rumble was as intense as the Dualshock 2's rumble.

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