Conversing Vehicles with Buyer Reviews #88: 2016 Prime Picks

It truly is that time again – time to unveil our once-a-year Prime Picks, the greatest automotive possibilities in ten distinctive groups. Buyer Reviews introduces our new Over-all Score, incorporating not only street exam outcomes from our keep track of, but also trustworthiness, proprietor gratification, and security scoring. We explore the changes wanted to do this, and what outcome it will have on scores in the potential. (Trace: They’ll improve a large amount additional usually.) We then operate by way of the Prime Picks, talking about why every car or truck attained its put on our record. A single car or truck not on the record this year is the Toyota Prius, a perennial Prime Choose. We explore why the just-redesigned Prius did not qualify to make the record still, and expose our 1st impressions of Toyota’s hybrid cornerstone.

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27 thoughts on “Conversing Vehicles with Buyer Reviews #88: 2016 Prime Picks

  1. Not bashing all your choices here because I agree with most of them, but the Dodge does tow MUCH better then the Ford as well, and that it a MAJOR consideration for people buying trucks. Loosing the rear leaf spring and going to a five link was a huge leap forward in truck design. I can tow my 30 foot camper in 30+mph crosswinds with ZERO sway, no contest Dodge wins that one hands down. Something you might want to consider in your rating in the future. Offroad capability is something else you might want to factor in for trucks though the Ford might have an edge there since Ford does make very good 4WD systems and the reduced weight of the aluminum body would certainly help when surfaces get soft.

  2. My 1963 Tardis gets great mileage, is relatively reliable…but has a tendency to get lost in space and time…a nuisance…

  3. name recognition… right on point!! the Kia Sorento & Cadillac CTS both really suffer from it. Great for those looking for a used car though :O)

  4. The Miata is one of the greatest vehicles of all time. My wife owns it… Initially, I thought it would be impractical and uncomfortable. Then I sat in it and took it for a drive. HOLY. MOLY. It is incredibly. It's super light, super responsive, and super FUN! I absolutely loved it.

  5. Hey CR Talking Cars, is buying a late model, lightly used former rental car a wise idea? I want to get a used Impala V6 (not the Limited) or a used Regal. Or do you recommend against buying a former rental car, knowing how hard people drive them?

  6. I have a gas 2015 VW Golf and wonder if anyone would comment on the Consumer Reports ratings that just came out. Consumer satisfaction is high, and all the separate areas under “reliability” are better than or much better than average. However, the “used car verdict” for it is “much worse than average”. The write up says “reliability of the redesign has been much below average.” So what are the reliability issues, and if people are reporting frequent problems why are they all so satisfied? I’d like to know what to look for, and would appreciate any comments. Thanks.

  7. The Impreza and Forester are shit. You shouldn't recommend it.They have shitty CVTs. Mazda 3 and CX-5 deserve your picks. Who cares about the safety features? Forward Collison Alert? It's called your eyes.

  8. reliability is a HUGE issue for me. i don't want something that breaks down and is in the shop with expensive repairs.

  9. "Would you buy that car again?" Do you mean Now or if I had to do it all over again when I first bought it? There often is a difference.

  10. Is the Subaru Forester still the best vehicle for shorter drivers? I am 5'5" and even though many people are shorter than myself, I have never liked my ability to see out of any sedan or coupe I have ever driven. I also have not been wild about the visibility in the few SUVs I have had the chance to drive. How is the Forester for visibility for shorter people?

  11. Your new rating system makes much more sense. Thanks for changing it. I would add that weighting for certain categories should change slightly too. For example the sportiness of a car is more important in the sporty cars (MX-5) than ultraluxury (Lexus LS), and it should be weighted slightly higher or lower in the overall score as needed. Ride and road noise is less important in a Porsche than a Buick. So when comparing cars in the same class like a BMW M235i and an Audi TT, the score favors the sportiness a little more, and when comparing a BMW 750i to an Lexus LS, the score favors ride/noise and seat comfort a little more. Just a suggestion. Keep up the good work.

  12. Good move CR!  I'm still not sure about the "Owner Satisfaction" category.  Example: If wealthy people are willing to put up with a Corvettes unreliability, it is because they can afford the maintenance & repair costs.  A person with a lower income will not be able to do the same, thus would not be satisfied with the same car.

  13. Question for a future episode: in your newest issue in the reliability ratings, how does a car like the Lincoln MKC (page 94) have better than avg or much better than avg in every single category but still rate much worse than avg in both the used car verdict and new car prediction? Not one category did the MKC even get an avg rating. I am a little confused.

  14. I have a dilemma.. I am currently in the process of a Lemon Law suit with Ford on my 2015 Fusion. The issue is an intermittent warm no crank no start issue that varies on just how intermittently it acts up, I should also state that the car will turn over immediately with just another key-flick. At this point, Ford Engineering still has no clue what is going on with it, and am approaching potential arbitration(hopefully) in the next 45-60 days. I have been test driving to prepare for the worst and found that I liked the current and previous generation CPO Outback. The dilemma comes in with, I currently have 72 months 0 interest with FMC, and would have to choose between having interest or not. Should I, try to keep the car since it is an intermittent issue and continue working with ford while accepting a cash settlement until I am no-longer upside down, accept a buy out if offered and move on to Subaru, or accept a vehicle swap and see if they would be willing to exchange into a lease. The reason I ask is that I carried about 5800 in negative equity in my old car (2010 Fusion that was a lemon before I bought it in 2013), and will be getting about 3000 back (to date) worth of car payments.

  15. could you guys also discuss cost of ownership of vehicles too? i.e. cost of regular vehicle maintenance for subaru is a bit more than hondas and toyotas…

  16. Let's see if I have this correct. Last year, Jake Fisher and sidekick Tom said that the Ford F150 was the third best pickup truck and now it is the best pickup truck. In the original review Jake Fisher criticized the F150 for its steering. He also criticized it for its ride in comparison to the Dodge 1500. What neither did or told you was that the F150 has way more load carrying capacity, which they never did test, than the Dodge. It appears that neither Tom nor Jake know anything about the actual usage of a pickup truck nor do they test them in a manner consistent with their usage. Mr. Fisher particularly seems to constantly show his bias. Tell me why a pickup truck should be rated like a car? They also neglect to mention the much better towing capability of the Ford versus the Dodge. Now, we find that the new Ford, manufactured with an aluminum body, has much better reliability to boot. Maybe it is time for CU to outsource testing of trucks, they truly have no understanding of their intended use. Apparently, the only testing is to drive around town and occasionally tow an Air Stream trailer.

    On a second note, they mention how great the new Prius is. They mention that the previous ones had "cheap interiors, and lots of road noise", something I can confirm when I have been in one. The Prius also has significant short transient motions with a poor ride. They never did mention that previously when they rated the Prius as a "top pick". Now they tell us that the new Prius remedies all of those prior failings and how great the new one is.

    It strikes me that Consumer Reports increasingly does their own "subjective" ratings based on the biases of their staff, most notably Mr. Fisher. There is little of the "objective" reporting that CU claims. It is a disappointment to see such a venerable organization lose credibility on so many issues.

  17. I agree with a ton of what you said, especially regarding the Miata (shamelessly promoting here, I have a new ND) but… The Prius… Oh dear… That is just so hideously ugly that it should be put down… Yuck.

  18. Hi guys! I'm trying to decide on a used midsize sedan or small suv for ~ $12k-$14k for my teenage brother who just started driving. What would you guys recommend?

  19. I still can't believe CR bases "reliability" on reader reviews on not their actual cars they buy. Readers can be biased etc….The cars CR buy they don't keep them long enough to know the true reliability.

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