CyberBike Exercise Bike Review (Wii)

The Wiiviewer reviews The Cyberbike Exercise Bike, and the game that comes with it.

24 thoughts on “CyberBike Exercise Bike Review (Wii)

  1. Also, too bad you can't play it with an actual gamecube.  Imagine playing the horrible E.T. bycicle minigame from the Universal Studios Gameboy game with this thing!

  2. They should have designed it so that the base of the seat was compatible, and therefore exchangeable, with real bicycle seats.  That said, I think the graphics actually look pretty nice in this video, but yeah.  It should have been open world and had more interesting quests, like multiplayer racing. 

    Also a new Paperboy game that used the bike and the wiimote motion detector would have been sweet.

  3. Probably nothing to do with the review but you rock the goatee. Grow it again!
    I've seen a lot of weird peripherals for consoles. An exercise bike isn't the strangest but it's up there. A good idea but underwelmingly executed.

  4. I'd pay to watch you complete Super Mario Sunshine using an excerise bike as a contoller!

  5. yeah he would be all like what the fuck is this i clean in the game and i exercise? this has to be the work of the hippies!

  6. "It ends with the time or the goal runs out." Uhhh, dont you mean the goal or the time runs out?

  7. i think this game teaches kids exercise and cleaning the enviorment it is IMPOSSIBLE to live without mother nature so take good care of it and mabey people would live soo have a happy life 😀

  8. sorry, i realized that after posting 🙂 While we're on the subject, I looked in my moms closet and saw what I was getting for Christmas, an ultravibe pleasure 2000

  9. Cool,I don't remember making that comment, thanks for reminded me. I'm guessing you prefer Rascal scooters to bikes?

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