Deadpool – film overview

Deadpool Lastly receives a Deadpool film worthy of the name! Jeremy evaluations “Deadpool”!

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20 thoughts on “Deadpool – film overview

  1. Agreed with every point! The minute the opening credits started, the stage for perfection had been set. The unicorn was a serious WTF but kept me laughing (you weren't supposed to see that)

  2. My favorite superhero movie so far, even better than cap winter soldier in my book. Hopefully other studios will see that following the source material is a good thing, and that pandering to certain demographics will only drag your movie down.

  3. It's really fucking annoying how much he brings up 'other youtubers' and 'what other people are doing' and being '5 days late'

    Like dude shut the fuck up and talk about the movie.

  4. I LOVE Deadpool, I cannot pick a favourite part, I'd have to rewrite the whole script into the comment, not even joking (:
    (Btw, why is a girl liking DP so unimaginable for u guys…? Maybe I'm weird…)

  5. I wanted to go see Deadpool since it was released in the theaters.
    My boyfriend said he didn't really wanna go because he's "jealous" of the movie… (Paying more attention to Deadpool than him.)

    So I went with my little sister and best friend instead… And it was the greatest movie I've ever seen in a very long time.

  6. I loved the deadpool movie soooooooooooo much
    It was awesome yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    (Crazy laugh)

  7. I'm becoming increasingly desperate to watch this film given my prior excitement, and now the overwhelming feedback it's been getting. I do, however, feel sorry for all the younger audiences with rather sensitive parents who were forced to watch this with them, which is probably a pretty large number of people. When you're watching a rather provocative film with someone who's easily offended by such content, especially parents, you become too distracted by how they'll react to actually pay attention to the film, and that completely suppresses any opportunity for you to enjoy it until you watch it alone months later. Damn shame to be honest. It's why I'm going to wait for the DVD release of this so I can watch it on Putlocker.

  8. just got back from watching this movie… I might be in the minority here, but it didn't live up to the hype for me. don't get me wrong, i enjoyed the movie but i felt the trailers gave away too much. I did have annoying people that sat right behind me and so I'll give this movie another shot, without the distractions.

  9. deadpool really messed up if anyone seen this movie when deadpool was fighting the goons and yelling where's Francis all the goons wouldn't know who that is they new him as ajax lol

  10. jeremy jahns sucks at reviews. wait for a film to be good in the public and then say same topic. dude u suck

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