Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition Game Review

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Diablo III enters the new generation of gaming with a bang, not a whimper. The dungeon crawling standard has gone through some controversy in the past year or two, but there is no controversy here, this is a solid title, with enough replay value to fill a mass grave of demons.

Developed & Published by Blizzard Entertainment
On: PC, Ps3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, MAC OS X

Other games in the series: Diablo, Diablo: Hellfire, Diablo II, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

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41 thoughts on “Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition Game Review

  1. I d never play such an rpg on …console! Mouse 28 inch 4k and oregano potato chips!  So long consolers!

  2. On the topic of graphics… D3 isn't really a game that looks a hell of a lot better one maximum settings vs lowest settings.  Blizzard doesn't make games like that, so you won't notice much of a difference between PS3 and PS4… however there is a resolution bump, there are more particles in effects, the shadows are higher resolution (this is all stuff that you don't really notice when the game is in motion), but the game runs at 60fps probably 95% of the time on PS4, whereas the PS3 version is usually around 30.

  3. Yeah definitely understand, Diablo is not the kind of game you want on PC or is at home on the PC. Even though it started on the damn PC and isn't any different than any other game playing on the computer and sitting there for hours at a time and isn't any different than sitting on your couch. The PC version doesn't deserve to be bashed anymore, they corrected their mistakes and have absolved their sins.

    ^Top part was sarcasm by the way.

  4. Just some advice, Stan.  Your reviews, especially for scary games like this, are way too low-key.  What you are supposed to do is act scared constantly.  Every time you encounter an enemy, scream a lot.  When something happens, announce it loudly and maybe make it your catchphrase that you repeat throughout the video and subsequent videos.  Did I mention the over-acting and screaming a lot?  That's what makes a good YouTube game review.  Hope I helped.

  5. I dont know about what you said at the end when you said you could play this for months. Near the end I was just running to the exits with my warrior just to get the game over with. These types of games get really repetitive.

  6. funny I can't picture myself playing a Diablo game on a console, played parts 1 and 2 on the PC, by the way the witch doctor is the best character, summon a Golem and Zombie dogs, attack with piranhas and spiders and toads 

  7. Oh come on stan, you can't really criticize RPG's on the pc can you? I really dont think thats fair. "Hunched over for 8 hours?" Come on now…

  8. Meh, the mediocrity of this game compared to two of my favorite online rpg's WoW and D2 LOD left me craving more. Couldn't get into Diablo 3, such a letdown.

  9. I wouldn't really blame Blizzard for the microtransaction BS. It was Activision all the way. Activision owns Blizzard. Blizzard went from being a great dev team to a Activision bitch. They didn't had full say about their games anymore. Sure they will say they have but Boby Kotick or what ever that fucks name is had whole other ideas. Starcraft 2 would be  1 game, 1 game with all the races as a campaign just like the first game but noooooo that would be against Activisions policy. They don't sell whole games anymore, they sell you very basic games each fucking year again.

    If Boby got his way you would have to pay seperately for the CGI movies. He wanted to sell that as DLC, cause he is just one greedy fucking asshole that needs to be removed from the game scene at once for being a destroyer who just wants quick bucks.
    Blizzard is under that freaks controle. Blizzard had no say over the auction bullshit. That was all Boby Kotick.

  10. Lol i love the Vladimir Klitschko analogy – too bad modern professional boxing isn't at the same standards as in the previous century  =[

  11. Stan I beleive from what I read in articles by Blizzard, that a lot of the work they put into the new gen console's version was with the special effects of all the attacks and abilities etc, and pushing the game up to 1080p/60fps. But the actual detail in the levels and characters they didnt really touch. Im playing the PS4 version after last playing PS3, I played Wizard on both and I can definitely say that some of the abilties look much nicer, particularly chain lightning. But yea its really just the same game with expansion included, thats not a bad thing because I only reached Act3 on PS3 and then I sold it when I made the switch to PS4 in November

  12. Stan, I love your videos but it seems like novadays you're leaving way too much footage without your brilliant commentary on your videos, just talk more.

  13. I had Diablo for the PC and I had a bitch of a time getting passed the Butcher. But i finely beat him and went on to finish the game.

  14. I don't know about that "laying on my bed with the controller on my stomach" thing, I personally find it way more relaxing leaning on my comfy office chair while using the mouse + keyboard

  15. As someone who never ventured into Diablo 3 before UEE, I won't pretend to be vetted in my observations about it. That being said, this game is an absolute joy to play. There is the occasional lapse in frame-rate and some textural issues on the ps3, but it's nothing that mitigates the experience. Having logged around seven hours now, I figured I'd let all of the other older-gen players know that it's completely fine on the ps3 and, assuming you've got a keen eye for tiny flubs, there's an option to install it.. which alleviates some of that. Lack of patch support aside and barring any grand disaster that might come along with extended play, this game is a refreshing loot-heavy treat at 40 bucks. Now, I'll go back to playing it and I'll let someone else write a more articulate review.

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