Doodle God iPhone Gameplay Video Review –

Doodle God iPhone Gameplay Video Review.
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  1. it's only addictive to me for about 2-3 hours or so. I have to search through the internet for a walkthrough because it's getting really horrible and frustrating

  2. @fpsisfun There's really little difference between the two – Doodle Devil adds 'evil' counterparts to the Doodle God categories (like Sin etc.) and there are a bunch of new things to match up. Either way you're in for a decent time 🙂

  3. @CandysAllMediaReview The current release comes bundled as Ep 1 & 2 together, I would assume future updates would be much like Pocket God with new versions just adding additional content. My friends were absolutely obsessed and managed to beat the game in an afternoon, but I've been playing it on and off and it's still fun (but probably harder as a result).

  4. Andrew, good review. I'm curious about it but it looks like it could get boring if played in long spurts. Is episode update out in the AppStore? If so, I might buy this for my iP4  Btw, sorry can't give you a iP4, but maybe at Xmas time 

  5. @KYLESCORPION Good news, it already has new content. Version 1.1 has Episode 2 and new elements and an extra category 😉

  6. This is a very cool "puzzle" type of game. I just downloaded it earlier today. It does git a bit of a guessing game later on when you discover abstract items, exactly like you said, laborius.

  7. Looks really unique. Doesn't seem like game. Wonder what they'll do with the update. Good review, keep em coming!

  8. @UltimateStuffGuy I'm definitely interested to see where they go with the project – it seems like they've made sure the system is easy to expand, so it's just a matter of ensuring the links are clever and the artwork remains consistent.

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