Dungeons And Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt Assessment – Starlit Citadel Testimonials Time 1

Starlit Citadel testimonials D&D: The Legend of Drizzt, with Kaja Sadowski and Joanna Gaskell. In The Legend of Drizzt, gamers select one of the seven heroes to play and an experience scenario to comply with. Each and every scenario arrives with a different objective and manner of play, with the Legend of Drizzt showcasing each co-operative, workforce and competitive play eventualities. Each and every match can be played solo or with up to 5 gamers at a time and eventualities vary from a limited 60 minutes up to a few hours.
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  1. Hi there pretty cool vid, please excuses me but I am curious in the beginning of your video there is a box behind you name the battle of Westeros. What game is this? Just a hudge G.O.T fan asking lol

  2. im sorry but i have to point this out. his name is Drizzt not Drizzit i dont know why you keep putting an i in his name lol

  3. I'm new to this type of games.  I think we're starting with Dungeon!, and likely one of these 3 D&D games, possibly one other crawler like Descent.   Which of these 3 D&D boxed games would you suggest as a first game of the 3?  Would they all 3 be good to have together, or would one or another be plenty, with the others being mostly more of the same with a different flavor and storyline.   Any other similar games you can suggest?  I'm hoping to expand our collection, and after having another look at the Pathfinder Beginner Box at the library, I'll decide on getting that as well.  So far our gaming consists of 'common' board games, Nintendo, and my wife and I collect and play 40K and Warmachine.    Thanks again for all of the videos, I'll likely be watching quite a few in the next couple weeks.   Keep shining, and happy Thanksgiving….

  4. Hi there: I've been playing D+D since around 1974 or so. I remember a long list of boardgames that tried to link with the IP. I really didn't like any of them. Usually, we made our own battlegames based on our current D+D game. I haven't seen any of the newest crop though. I did really enjoy parts of the Drow series so I might give this one a try. There have been many RPG's and boardgames since then. If you had to pick just one of the series of these board games, which would you recommend for  an old hand like myself?

  5. Hello…I just got this game and in it I received two minis for Yvonnel Baenre, but no Artemis Entreri mini. Did you receive an Artemis Entreri mini?

  6. strange choice of music…but good review. lack of campaign is a big turn off for me, would rather get WoA instead.

  7. These D&D games are dreadful IMO.  They take everything good about a roleplaying game out; interaction, advancement, tactics, intelligence, and replace it with, move to board edge and roll one dice to kill the monster.  And they even fail at dungeon crawls.  After the game is over you have explored maybe 30 feet from the entrance, woo yay.  Keep the mini's throw away everything else.

  8. It would not be bad since the entire monster system is automated, but you'd obviously lose all the social elements. There will also be a bit of a balance issue (with 2 heroes things can get tricky).

  9. Gamer hotties? I'm crushing big time right now. Going to get the game for my son before he starts reading Dad's books. Thanks for the review!

  10. Actually, Wrath of Ashardalon is the only game in the D&D boardgame series with a campaign mode. In Castle Ravenloft and Drizzt, your character can level up a little bit during a single adventure, but there's no carryover from scenario to scenario.

  11. can anyone tell me how I can use Icingdeath the Dragon with Legend of Drizzt board game? I have tried some stats but nothing is working. Any ideas? Love Drizzt and these D&D games are awesome since none of my friends play with me.

  12. Other amateur reviews, please take note – this is how it is done. They are obviously well-rehearsed, short and to the point, don't ramble for 20 minutes with single camera angle in unlit basements and unfocused set-ups and inappropriate music. They clearly edited out long pauses, put together multiple takes, and with a little effort, put together a very polished looking review. Outstanding work.

  13. Honestly, though, for my money the best intro-to-tabletop-RPGs product out there is the Pathfinder Beginner Box. Pathfinder is an independent RPG that is quite similar to D&D 3.5, and the publisher, Paizo, does an amazing job of supporting the system. The Beginner Box will get you to level 4 before you need any more books, and is a great intro for both players and the GM.

    I'm in a long-term 3.5 campaign right now, but if I was starting a new one, I'd be sorely tempted by Pathfinder.

  14. Thanks! If you want to get into the RPG, then you'd be looking at either 4th Edition (in print) or 3.5 (out of print, but still pretty easy to find). 4th Ed. is much more ability and combat focused, and lends itself well to dungeon crawls and other hack-and-slash adventures. It's also a bit more accessible. 3.5 is better suited to storytelling and open-ended character development, but takes a bit more to learn and may take some hunting down to get the books.

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