E Cigarette Assessment Intro & What Is An Electronic Cigarette

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Electronic Cigarette Assessment Intro Channel Information

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This small online video is an intro to this e Cigarette Assessment channel,as well as points out E cigs a little bit and answers the dilemma: “What Is An Electronic Cigarette”

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What Is An Electronic Cigarette:

The e cigarette is a interesting gadget that lets you get the feeling of “smoking cigarettes” with no inhaling all those people nasty toxins standard tobacco cigarettes have. Basically, most e cigs sorta look like a tobacco cigarette, nonetheless they are made of either two parts or 3 parts.

The 3 aspect e cig has an e cigarette cartridge, an atomizer and a battery. The battery heats the nicotine liquid (or flavored liquid) discovered in the ecig cartridge by way of the atomizer and turns it into e cigarette vapor. You then inhale the e cig vapor like you would smoke from a standard cigarette.

The battery can have a button to activate the heating action or the heating action can be activated basically by you sucking on the e cig cartridge.

The two aspect e cigarette has a cartridge with a developed in atomizer and a battery. It performs the exact same way as the 3 aspect electronic cigarette — heating the nicotine liquid or flavored liquid in the e cigarette cartridge, turning it into vapor so you can inhale it.

Personally, I favor the two aspect e cigarette mainly because it is so simple to use.

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