Etsa Reviews – Rune Factory 4 Review – Nintendo 3DS

Etsa Does a First Impressions Review of Rune Factory 4 for the Nintendo 3DS!
Have any questions about the game I didn’t cover? Ask Away!

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  1. I've been looking for a review of this game and I found nothing. Thanks for making one. Is this the same like Stardew Valley because I have that and I was wondering if the gameplay is the same with all the farming, fishing and combat?

  2. There is no such thing as a perfect review but I like how you did not bullshit and waste our time. You pretty much told us the top 10 most important things that we need to know about the game! 🙂 the only thing that you don't have that reviewers like ign have is the flashiness which I don't really need… I really dont lol. I just want to know the truth and I got it from you!! Good job. I subbed

  3. Thank you so much for the proper review of this game. There aren't exactly a lot to watch, unfortunately. You were the most specific about what is good and why it's good as far as controls go, which was what I was worried about. Could you imagine if they'd gone backwards even just a tiny bit towards what the controls were like in RF2??? EWE!

  4. I don't think I can ever go back to a Harvest Moon game after playing RF4 – it's everything HM had and then so much more!

  5. Wow, for a "first-impression" review, I really enjoyed watching it and it was quite informative as well!
    You should consider putting more of those "question" section in, I liked them a lot!
    Overall, an amazing review, getting across most of the important points in a short time.
    I know it's an old video, but keep it up!

  6. Q: Can you turn off 3d on this game? I want the 3ds because the new games and all, but 3d gives me a headache because of my glasses. The 2ds is an option, but I hate the design of it since it doesn't close up. I feel like the 3ds is more portable/less chance of breakage when closed

  7. I was wondering…

    I love my Animal Crossing Games.

    But i have never tried a Rune Factory game.
    Also, what few Harvest Moon games i have played, i cannot stand because it doesn't explain, it's bland, you run out of energy too fast, crops die too fast and if they are looking good and healthy then the season changes and everything just dies.

    Also, the characters. How are they like? Generic or amazing or just very "man of few words"? Not many NPC's have much to say but like the 5 same sentences in some games and that drives me nuts.

    Can you inform me just a bit more on these points? About the energy, crops, seasons, difficulty, and characters? Also, can you turn off the voices?

    btw, nice review ^^

  8. Okay so I've been looking at RF4 reviews all day and I have to say that yours was by far the best and most informative, AND you sold me on buying the game! I played 3 and ToD but wasn't sure I should bite on 4 until now 🙂 Thanks!! 🙂

  9. The d pad is also used for movement because some people want the precision for farming. Cuz it's squares and stuff

  10. Legend of the River King on PS2 has a kind of frustrating fishing system, sometimes you wonder what it takes for the fish to notice your bobber, especially if they're spinning around slowly.  Not like Animal Crossing where if it's right in front of their face they almost always go for it.  I still recommend it for Harvest Moon/Rune Factory fans though.

  11. I really like this game's gameplay and graphics better than RF 3. The only thing I liked more in 3 is the girls…in 4 you don't really get much of a selection and half of them look like kids. Also, imo 3 had a stronger "vibe" to it….something I find somewhat missing in 4. But then again I've only played it for a few hours…maybe I'm just judging too quickly.

  12. If you didn't yet, you should make another video on this game saying what you think of it now that you really played it. =D

    And talk about what you like and what you hate like which of the girls you like the most what is your favorite season and how hard or easy the game is.

  13. Awesome, awesome ,awesome !! There is so much to do in this game and you can take your time and do it without feeling overly stressed about it. The characters and how you develop relationships between them is really cool. You can cook, fish, battle, mine build, etc……

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