EVEREST Movie Critique + Mountain Climbing Films

Episode #one hundred seventy: Mountain Climbing Films (Season 7 Premiere)
In honor of “Everest”‘s huge IMAX release, Jon kicks off the seventh season of “Movie Night time” with a appear at some much more mountain climbing motion pictures (have not now reviewed “Cliffhanger” and “127 Hours” in earlier episodes” Besides the showcased film, Jon also reviews “Vertical Restrict” from 2000, and the documentary, “Touching The Void”.

Jon’s evaluate of the new IMAX laser structure — https://www.youtube.com/view?v=fQ-hyG2nU3c

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Tonight’s Movies:
• Vertical Restrict (2000) — Shallow, popcorn entertainment with demise-defying heroics, 7/10.
• Touching The Void (2003) — Distressing, but sincere account of incredible courage, eight/10.
• Everest (2015) — Gripping expertise informed with detrimental accuracy, 7/10.

Critique Next Episode’s Movies:
• Mission To Mars (2000)
• Purple Planet (2000)
• The Martian (2015)

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36 thoughts on “EVEREST Movie Critique + Mountain Climbing Films

  1. That info icon is pretty nice. It's enough to inspire me to look into those Youtube cards and actually try to implement them in my videos.

    Glad Movie Night is looking as great as ever.

  2. Great to see this back again! I quite like the new changes. I prefer the new way after the intro, you have the names of what you'll be reviewing instead of having them at the start with the lights around the border. I really liked the information text about the movie. I haven't seen any of these movies yet, but I defiantly want to watch The Void now.

  3. Like the new format Jon feels more comfortable 🙂 I just saw Everest last night and ive been a huge fan of mountaineering books/docos thought you review was spot on about the pacing of the film. From someone whos read the story a few times it felt as if it was rushed in a few spots but overall was a great film.

  4. Jon, if you do a horror special this season, please review It Follows. One of the best horror movies of the last few years.

  5. I just wasn't impressed with Everest. The story is interesting enough but is poorly written. The visuals are underwhelming. Gyllenhaal gives the only good performance and even he couldn't make the film enjoyable as a whole. I also hated the scene where everybody is trapped in a snow storm on Everest. I couldn't tell who was who and I didn't know what was going on most of the time. Some scenes of the characters just sitting in tents talking at night were great, though.

  6. Interesting format, I like it. Great season premier, I don't think I've ever heard of "Touching the Void" until now, it does look like an interesting movie.

  7. 3:45 "forgetful score" – did he fail to use themes from earlier, or misquote the leitmotif? Or is it forgettable?

  8. OK, I LOVE the information part. Quick reference of good information.
    I also like how the sparks effect works with the theater backdrop. With the blue test background, the contrast of colors was large but the the activity was little, giving an uncanny valley of sorts with "is it the focal point or ambiance?" With the yellows and reds of the theater it's definitely ambiance and isn't distracting.
    I'm glad you stuck with the 3 movie set-up. It feels more complete. Like, when I watch the single reviews on the movie night channel, it feels short.
    I will miss the comment reviews, audience score, and tweet critiques. When I've seen a movie for the future episode, I'd be sure to leave a short review and a rating. I understand that it's a lot of work to chose the comment and collect all the scores, but it really made you stand out. Oh well.

  9. This is a great review. I hope you'll do them more frequently now. On the topic of mountain climbing movies, a good recent German film is North Face (2008).

  10. So glad to see not a lot has changed. Good choice on keeping the graphics and music. The review feels so relaxed too

  11. Great to have you back, Jon. Looking forward to next week's installment, particularly your review of The Martian or Robinson Crusoe in space!

  12. YAY! A new Movie Night episode! I'm glad to see it still has that special "Movie Night" feel to it even with the changes. Really enjoyed this. Also, glad to see the audience reviews are back.

  13. hey jon, did you know that a percentage (i forget how much) of the proceeds of this movie are going towards the disaster in nepal, india? they also held charity screenings of everest.

  14. Great start t a new season Jon. The more casual blazer look suits you're style better. The graphic changes are great as well showing how a movie did allows us to hear more of your thoughts on the film. I'm liking the new format so far Jon and will see you next week. Same bat time Same bat channel.

  15. hey jon, have you ever seen the documentary Michael Jackson's This Is It? would love to know your thoughts on it! another great movie night episode btw!

  16. Great review, but that line " the best-looking image I have ever seen" kinda lost me. There are tons of beautiful movies that worth checking out, and here are some examples.The ConformistLawrence of ArabiaThe FountainThe Qatsi trilogySuspiriaJarheadThe Secret of KellsThe Garden of WordsThe Triplets of BellevilleThe Adventures of Prince AchmedTekkonkinkreet$9.99Hope to see your reviews on these films some day!Btw, greetings from Taiwan, and…Am I the first?

  17. Great review Jon, the new format works very well. Glad to see our views lineed up on all these pictures this week. Very interested to hear your thoughts on Mission to Mars. It was a huge disappointment for me. The Martian however, beautiful in every sense of the word.

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