Excalibur Testimonials – Deus Ex

In celebration of the forthcoming launch of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the Excalibur Brothers glimpse back again at the recreation that commenced it all. Is it continue to reducing edge?

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39 thoughts on “Excalibur Testimonials – Deus Ex

  1. So you guys really think this game is worth playing? I just played Shadowrun and I'm LOVING the cyberpunk stuff. I also usually play shooters. It seems like this is up my alley but god, it looks pretty old. Should I just play Human Revo? It sounds like this game is a 50+ hour affair. That is cool, but i dunno if I'll be willing to commit to a game so old. Its not like revisting Symphony of the Night. The graphics don't age the same.

  2. I'm forever grateful for the underrated PS2 port of this game. It made me an immersive simulation lover for life.

    High player agency in a world of unabashed sci fi pulp – it's still my dream game, all these years later.

  3. one of them has the voice of james may x)

    btw. Awesome channel and reviews. Keeps it up!

  4. I loved this game, and well, each time I watch these movies, I want to download and play this old classic again, yeah, it's now 13 years old, but it's still great, even with Human Revolution.

  5. ALL the Deus Ex games are excellent – if you don't like them then you are obviously not cool and hard enough.. Simple.

  6. I killed a hooker and I got curious…

    I looked up her skirt, and I swear to god they made a texture for It o_o

  7. @ScaniaChan Its uch like Halo, it have some simmilar qualities like a "wierd" style that makes it have a loving fanbase who will addvertise the game all the time, thats how cult games are made, now Halo and Deus Ex are not cultgaes anymre considering the fame they have, but they have a cultist fanbase, that knows every ingame line from head.

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