Famous: Top secret Wars – Volume 1 assessment – Board Game Brawl

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20 thoughts on “Famous: Top secret Wars – Volume 1 assessment – Board Game Brawl

  1. I am becoming a junkie myself. Bought the base game a little over a month ago and have already bought dark city, secret wars vol 2 and paint the town red.

  2. Proxima Midnight is one of those postmodern supers with a weird name and abilities that their authors cant' really be bothered to define (q.v. Ex Nihilio, Black Swan, Corvus Glave).

  3. Holy crap that was a lot to take in. With this expansion I think I'll be going back to the rule book more times than I'd like, but I'm excited to play this set. The part that disappoints me tho is how Black Bolt doesn't sound too fun to use, just like Punisher from Dark City.

  4. Hi Nick, any reason why you mostly showed only three of the four different cards per Hero? Still, the review made me excited for the game, i hope i will be able soon to get it in germany!

  5. Hi Nick, I'm super-psyched that you like the new elements in Legendary: Secret Wars, and I'm happy that you have been enjoying Legendary all along the way!

    -Devin Low
    Designer, Legendary

  6. Great review. Couple quick things:

    – Some brief comic lore bits. The reason Black Bolt and Maximus are in the set is because Black Bolt is part of the Illuminati and Maximus is part of the Cabal, both groups being major players in the whole Secret Wars story line. So it's no accident those two are in this expansion. Likewise Proxima Midnight is one of Thanos' chief lieutenants and also part of the Cabal.

    – I haven't tried it yet but I was likewise worried about the game balance using the player controlled Mastermind. I'm thinking it's probably a good idea to lower the attack value of the Mastermind card by one or maybe even two to edge it back toward the heroes. I wonder if Nick or anybody else here has played that way yet with player controlled mastermind who is -1 attack and has some feedback?

    – The art is a little odd looking sometimes in this set, but I think that's because a lot of the different dimensions that are colliding in Secret Wars have their own art style as well. You see the same sort of thing going on in the Spiderverse comics, where the different dimensions they visit sometimes have wildly different art styles. So the art is actually part of the setting, in a way.

  7. Namor = underwater Spock?  Only if Spock spent 60 hrs a week in the gym and glued wings to his ankles.  =)  Namor is the original anti-hero for Marvel.

  8. I just got around to sorting my cards last night and am really looking forward to playing soon.  The only SMALL gripe I have is the art.  Some is great, but some of it seems lackluster compared to older sets.  Of course, when it comes to art, it's definitely a subjective thing.  Anybody else not crazy about it?

  9. Dual color cards is new to this set. The Villians set did have Mystique and she had a Covert (red) card that allowed you to choose a color and her card was that color in addition to Covert. But it did not have both colors on the card itself.

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