Fisher-Price’s latest gadget can’t quite swing it.

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Although the Cradle ‘n Swing boasts many talents, it’s too big and expensive to prove indispensable.

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11 thoughts on “Fisher-Price’s latest gadget can’t quite swing it.

  1. What we actually need is a baby nanny robot? So we can do other things, can they give us that? (sarcasticly) 😂😆100% of times, baby needs human contact and we know you have worked, paid for things and physically feed them and yourself. It can be hard and they grow up quickly… But you still have to have physical human contact with your baby or they become emotional detached like zombie.

  2. Crazy overpriced given how simple the design is. You could that for a tiny fraction of the cost. For a $200 price range, they should at least be giving it one of those 5 horsepower motors and a 1500 watt transducer to boost the bass effect of various lullabies.

  3. I love my 4-in1 Swing!!!! Two kids have used it and it was totally worth the price for the remote control functions via Bluetooth alone, so I could be doing something else like dishes or laundry and still be able to adjust the swing speed, the lights, and the music from across my house!!!

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