Fluxx the Board Recreation Assessment – with Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel takes a appear at the new board game from Looney Labs

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19 thoughts on “Fluxx the Board Recreation Assessment – with Tom Vasel

  1. I am a person who loves the card game. I recently received this game for Christmas. I haven't had the chance to play, but if I love the card, I feel like I'd love board game

  2. What makes Fluxx so good is the chaos and uncertainty so because now they want strategy it puts me off. I was always uncertain but I can say now that it will not be in my collection of at least not for a while.

  3. I played a demo game sponsored by Looney Labs. The demonstrators said that a peg board tray is coming. (They had the tray prototype there, that was made w/ a 3D printer & it really worked well.) 

  4. To me this seems heavily set in the "gateway game" pile. I'm honestly surprised at how theme-less it comes across; it almost seems abstract. That being said, It does seem like it might be a fun one to add to the collection (I tend to play with lots of non-gamers), and I LOVE that all the pawns are different shapes as well as colors (I'm assuming to assist color blindness). Keepin' it classy, Looney Labs!

  5. "Tre-puh-DAY-shun" Tom, not "Tre-puh-DI-shun" ;).

    Great review, interesting to hear a more middle of the road conclusion for once instead of a big thumbs up or a big thumbs down!

  6. Is anybody else offended by the drabness of the board? It might not seem so bad in real life, but it looks so dull and lifeless.

  7. I really like Fluxx but this looks dumb. The components are dull, those peg holes will wear after a few plays and the pegs won't stay put, and there is no theme. I think i'll spend the money on buying Zombie Fluxx instead. 

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