Ford Fiesta ST 180 Hot hatch 2016 Peak Performance Reviews Car Review

2015 Ford Fiesta ST 180 Hot hatch Car review, is the ST as good as everyone says, we believe the answer is yes, watch for yourself. Leave us constructive comments as to what you think and what you think we should include in our next review and what car you want to see next!

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31 thoughts on “Ford Fiesta ST 180 Hot hatch 2016 Peak Performance Reviews Car Review

  1. Great reveiw I have one of these with the MP215 upgrade lovely car great fun to drive was this partly filmed on Morton Hall by any chance looks very familiar the first part by the concrete blocks just off the roundabout

  2. had mine since February with the mp215 kit. absolutely love it! I'd like to see a side by side comparison of in gear acceleration of the standard st and the mp215 st. maybe mine could feature in a video!

  3. Excellent, well detailed review. I'm going to see a lovely St-2 in White with style pack and convenience pack on Thursday! Fingers crossed it will be mine! Keep up the good work!

  4. If the hand brake is applied, a 50 pence sized hole appears to the rear of the handle.
    Things I have lost into this abyss….

    50 pences
    McDonalds fries
    501 light bulbs
    1 pound coins

    other than that, I've owned this car for two years now and its amazing. Reliable, fast, sexy and cute!

  5. I liked this. Perhaps a microphone fitted on you would be a good idea when you are away from the camera as it was difficult to hear especially with the wind noise. 🙂

  6. Thanks for honest down to earth review – got an ST3 September and am totally in love with it – cant wait for the RS!
    Have subscribed to you guys and looking forward to more, I am a 63 year old former 'Boy Racer' and still love the hot hatches.

  7. Erm can I please get this car?? It's a beauty! Great review looks super professional, love the editing of you talking in the car (nice camera position) and then just details of the car!

  8. That looks like a pretty nice car! I like the color and the rims on it. I didn't expect the inside to be so big tough. It looks smaller from the outside. Awesome video man. Got yourself a like 😀

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