Frequent Automobile Assessments: 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR

The Evo IX is, or was, the Subaru STi’s natural predictor. The challenge comes from people contemplating that EVO’s are just a resilient as STi’s…they are not.

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  1. i knew someone i used to work with that had an evo, i actually rode in it once. it was a quick car. he had allot of reliability problems. he sold it and bought a G8 GT. i also rode in that car. between the two i really liked that G8 that nasty V8 and the grip for a RWD car WOW. as for me i like performance cars but im a broke dad, i chose a 1996 camaro Z28 LT1. for being a $3k car its still pretty quick, handles well, has a top end that i will never dare to reach, is an overall fun car, its also a small block with small block chevy reliability. the camaro has plenty of room for mods, my budget so far has allowed for a full poly urathane suspension rebuild. for the $150, it has made a huge difference. it eliminated nearly all of the rattles and squeaks. the body roll is nearly gone and it handles even better. had my budget allowed i would have gone full tubular suspension but my money is tight. i want to swap in a better set of gears, im thinking of 3.42's. as my money allows i will slowly hop this car up a little

  2. yesterday I saw a silver Evo 8 going the speed limit, I wondered why, but 1 second later I saw a cop behind him, the only thing that stops a Evo

  3. It's pretty crazy to think about how far Mitsubishi has fallen over the years. When the Evo and WRX first debuted in Japan back in the day – back when you could only buy them in the U.S. in Gran Turismo – Mitsubishi was Goliath and Subaru David. Subaru was still seen primarily as a maker of "niche" products all throughout the '90s, while Mitsu sales were very strong around the globe and they had a lucrative partnership with Chrysler. North America was once Mitsubishi's largest market – they were selling 500k+ a year in the U.S. at one point, not including Dodge Avengers and Plymouth Colts and whatnot, which probably brought that total closer to a cool mil. I think the DaimlerChrysler "merger" definitely hurt, since Chrysler no longer had to rely on Mitsubishi alone for platform sharing and engineering problems that were outside of Detroit's wheelhouse… the decline of the 2-door coupe as a viable product also definitely contributed to their downfall. The Mitsubishi Eclipse went from HUUUUGE seller to "wow, they still make that?" seemingly overnight.

    Also Subaru just had a better idea of what the future looked like. We are living in a world where crossovers or CUVs or whatever you want to call vehicles with both car + SUV DNA have gone fully mainstream, and Subaru was basically the Ramones of that shit.

  4. Another Subaru fan, claims  they are more durable. Yet most Subaru's boxer engines blow every 20-30k and you cant make the power an evo makes with double the budget. Yet the 4G63, t-case and tranny will hold up just fine usually until 500-600HP every car is different and its very dependent but in general. Now im not slamming Subaru I like them, But most actual car people will buy the WRX and mod it because the STI isn't worth the extra cash unless you get the STI envy and must own the STI.(im speaking about evo 8 + 9 NOT the 10 because I don't have much of any experience with a evo 10)

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