Gadget First: Commtiva N700 Android Tablet Review

Anthony from Gadget First takes a look at the Linx Commtiva N700 Tablet.
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26 thoughts on “Gadget First: Commtiva N700 Android Tablet Review

  1. they are shit i hate them! i have bought 2 of them £270 each piece of shit! wish i never bougtht them they won't even turn on anymore even when charged!!!!!

  2. @pupinapower You can transfer a movie to it and it should play it fairly well, however the movie part of the app market isnt accessible with this tablet so rentals arent available.

  3. @grumpeesuk88 There is a wifi version, and a wifi + 3G version, you probably have the wifi version, which doesn't support a sim card.

  4. @SoulSilverIV If on Wifi it'll automatically play in HQ, if you're on 3G then it'll default to low quality, but it's easy to switch between HQ and Low quality as there is a button at the top right of the video 🙂

  5. @pupinapower This is true if you are browsing on the desktop version of YouTube, then there is no flash support. However, if you are on the mobile site, or the built in app on the device, then you will get along nicely.

  6. @pupinapower Hi 🙂 Unfortunately it's unlikely that this tablet will get any more updates to Android, however it is version 2.2 so it's not ancient. And yes, you can view Youtube videos on it either through the Youtube App or the mobile version in your web browser. 🙂

  7. @squidgyboy123 Hmm, make sure you're charging through the mains and not your PC, If you're doing this already then try plugging it into a PC and trying turning the N700 on and see if your PC recognizes anything. If it doesnt then you may have a faulty battery and you should return it to the place of purchase.


  8. @GadgetFirst hey i need some help , i bought an N700 today and i cant get it to turn it on, ive charged it for 4 hours, and the power button flashes red, but theres no sign of it turning on, is this normal? if not , do you have any advice on how to fix it? many thanks.

  9. @Joe0994 Compared to this generation of android tablets that run Android 3.1 and have dual core processors this tablet is very outdated, but considering it's release date and initial price it was very good value.

  10. @ELLOWNSU15 The 3G data connection is mainly used for video calling with the front facing camera, its main purpose isnt voice calls.

  11. @picasscalfa Scrolling and Pinch to Zoom is smoother with Dolphin Browser but large pages will still be slow compared to faster devices. And yes it does support the android market, although some apps might not be compatible because of the screen size.

  12. @souljarhino Unfortunately not. There are ways of installing Flash 10.1 onto it but the web browsing is already really slow on this tablet and it would make it even slower

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