Gadget First: Motorola Milestone 2 Review

Tristan from Gadget First takes a look at the Motorola Milestone, the 1GHZ Powerhouse QWERTY phone.

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31 thoughts on “Gadget First: Motorola Milestone 2 Review

  1. The LED shows notifications, but it will flash different colours based on the notification (Battery, Message, etc) 🙂

  2. This phone has an issue whereby the physical keyboard causes letters to double press or sometimes not appear…..research before u buy this phone

  3. @Jarrelka Haven't played with the keyboard on that phone but it does look pretty good. However the fact that it runs DOA operating system makes it appeal a lot less.

  4. @curseknight5 Nope. just install Launcher Pro, or any other launcher and it should work just fine. You can still use motorola widgets in other launchers as well.

  5. @potnoodles90 I recommend using a seperate launcher such as LauncherPro or AWD and to stop Motoblur from hogging your resources use an app such as Titanium Backup to freeze Motorola apps and stop them starting again 🙂

  6. @100Elin I use this as my personal phone now, and with light usage (No Wifi, Regular Texting, Some 3G Internet) it'll last about a day and a half. But I mostly use it quite heavily (Wifi, Lots of Texting, Some 3G Internet and Some Gaming) and it needs to be charged every night

  7. @TevinGQ In the US this phone is known as the Droid 2. You'd be best off buying that as I think they may have different Cellular Radios

  8. @rachpach9 If you text a lot or write documents then the keyboard on this phone is a big advantage other the iPhone 4. If your using for just general use then either would be a great phone although this phone is a lot better value for money and has many of the same or better features, therefore I'd recommend the Milestone 2 over the iPhone 4.

  9. @DKGamerone I really recommend it. However I wouldn't recommend buying a case for it because I damaged the slider with one and now it's not as smooth opening the keyboard

  10. @DKGamerone I'm not sure about how many fingers it can take at the same time, but its more than 3, and it supports multi touch. No worries about the English it's all good 🙂

  11. @GadgetFirst A for typing in chinese, I'm not sure if the standard keyboard does, but there will be some keyboards on the app market that will allow it

  12. @naturepower17 No word on an official update yet. It will take longer though because of Motoblur. But I'm sure there's some guys in the hacking community working on it.

  13. @ht98110 In the UK you can get it on a 24 Month contract at £20 per month with the phone for free. Or you can buy it sim free without a contract for £359.99 from Expansys.

    You can compare deals on this phone and others on the shop page of our website

  14. @michael10662 When you first start the phone it asks what accounts you have and you only select the ones which you have, so if you dont have facebook then it wont be on the phone unless you add it

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