GameSpot Assessments – Star Wars: The Aged Republic (Computer)

Kevin VanOrd dispenses Lightsaber justice in this video clip evaluate for Star War: The Aged Republic.

24 thoughts on “GameSpot Assessments – Star Wars: The Aged Republic (Computer)

  1. Personally I got bored of this game very quickly. Not necessarily because it's bad. I just think it's not for me. MMOs involve cooperating with other players and that's not my cup of tea. Sort of wish someone finally puts out another Star Wars RPG. I know EA seems to have all the rights to make these games but wouldn't it be nice if Bethesda made a SW RPG. It'd be like Skyrim in space

  2. i personally spent like many and many weeks even month looking for an mmo to play, all were boring and genetic plus horrible grinding with no motivation of fun, star wars the old republic change everything, i mean the game has so many cool features and decisions in quest is the reason i love it, plus the connection with your companions, fun quests, interesting lore plus i love star wars. Bioware really knows how to make games.

  3. I don't get it.  If there are story based missions, complete with a dialog wheel, why does it need to be played online?

  4. I would've bought Kotor 3 for sure. Swtor… no thanks. I like my games to be one-time investments, not continuous advertising. I also don't like being tied to the internet for gameplay or depending upon servers for gameplay. My favorite games are all nearly 10 years old or older and still playable.

    I like a game primarily driven by a story, like an interactive book. The whole idea of playing to level up is… not very exciting to me. The Star Wars books seem far more entertaining than this.

  5. Gamespot need to add annotations as to stuff that's changed

    e.g 6:45 those bugs are gone and you can now customize you're UI…. this is the problem with MMO reviews they have to update the review every month to keep i accurate and tbh no one does that.

  6. Yeah, it can be a little boring with surroundings being all dead-like, groups of enemies respawning constantly with not much point. Story is good though, and the only thing interesting in the game. The subscription fee is ridiculous for a game like that, and you can't do much without it, and you got better ways to use that money…

    So, yeah, not that great of a game. Very dumbed down. I give it 4.5/10

  7. A whole new game will be much better than a mod. Just think about the breath taking graphics, new dynamic combat mechanics and intense force powers !

  8. what you need to do is stfu and play some korean grindfest mmo's, a good mmo needs a story. without a story its basicly a dryland. so fu and you know what FU

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