GameSpot Reviews – Afterfall: Insanity (PC)

Tom Mc Shea and Dr. Tokaj escape a foreboding fallout shelter in this video review for Afterfall: Insanity.

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26 thoughts on “GameSpot Reviews – Afterfall: Insanity (PC)

  1. Yet another game that completely f**ks up quick-time-events, they should not say press button WASD or whatever, they should say press up, press jump, press fire, this makes much more sense, it doesn't completely smash down the third wall and it doesn't have me saying err WTF and make me have to look at the f**king keyboard.

  2. the 3D modeling of both characters and the environment was decent, aestethics more than decent, gameplay boring, mechanics are shit, animations THE WORST, combat system boring, not scared at all death space did a much better job, this game is far too easy even on hard to make you scared, and lacks the audio design to build tension and such, too bad the 3D modeling is pretty good as I said. And to be honest, I, a guy who did 3D work for fun, and animation for fun and just a little, not as a profession, I swear I could do much better animations than this shit, wtf is up with the arms, everyone over gesticulates… Why not record yourself with a camera and base your animation on that, better yet, borrow 3 phones from your friends and do a mocap, there is software out there for that, but hey, I got it for free, what to expect.

  3. This game feels like something I would play on an Xbox or something. The game would have definately been better if its was first person and played more like a Riddick game. The story is good however.

  4. I really don't understand the negative reviews this game has gotten. I loved it and it does a fantastic job creating a claustrophobic and depressing atmosphere. My only complaint is the slight delay in response between hitting  a button during combat and the action being executed, but it's not a huge hindrance. I thought that the voice acting, story, and atmosphere were fantastic. It's only five dollars now on steam.

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