27 thoughts on “GameSpot Reviews – Steel Diver Video Review (3DS)

  1. Short?! I spent about 60 hours on this game to 100% it. And that was extremely challenging. I'm wondering if the reviewer even tried playing this on expert mode.

  2. @cominder64 IGN makes everything seem good lol 🙂 But this game does look really boaring and if your buying a 3DS get Zelda, Mario 3D land, and star fox lol

  3. You know, have any of you guys ever thought that it would be better if the reviews were done by 11-14 agers and NOT by young adults. I mean, they don't think like most owners of videogames do. Now, i know i may be exagerating and that most kids have other things to attend to, but would it really be to much to ask to pay a small fee to a younger reviewer than some 30 year-old coop who has a completely different definition of fun than kids?

  4. @orionpax55 your right, i bout this game and didnt like it, i finished it in about 30 minutes! and after that the bonus features only amused me for a few more minutes……if you want to save money, i suggest not to buy it but if you like games like this then go ahead, i cant stop you

  5. Sluggish controls? It's a f**king submarine! However, this game does like quite average, a rental maybe, but probably not worth buying.

  6. MMM Loooks Alright but to me i think im gonna save my 40 bucks looks like a 10 min game for me den i'll trade it back in or get my full refund !!

    Im gonna get my 3ds this weekend

  7. This reviewer is fucking retarded. I would give him a 2.0 for boring voice and reviewing EVERY SINGLE GAME IN THE SAME WAY.

  8. They reviewed it harshly, but it still doesnt sound as good as I was expecting.

    All it needs is challenge and length.

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