GameSpot Reviews – The Last Story (Wii)

Mark explores the beautiful city of Lazilus in this video review for The Last Story.
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30 thoughts on “GameSpot Reviews – The Last Story (Wii)

  1. Just received this game and Pandora's tower from Amazon yesterday. I finish Xenoblade a week ago and I am on my second play-thru. I hope i love these two games as much as i love Xenoblade!

  2. I just finished it this morning… amazing game, amazing ending. I feel the same emptines as when i finished Xenoblade, you really get used to the characters and story, now on may way to start Pandora's Tower!

  3. This game is awesome. Sure there are some technical problems but I can see they were working with the systems limitations rather than poor programming or what ever. First thing that grabs you is that there is alot of voice acting compared to other wii games. The graphics were very good though you could see the technical limitations. that however didn't bother me because of the games ambitions to go the extra mile versus staying safe. The music story length were also very good. Nintendo NEEDS to make a sequel or a reboot remake of this game.

  4. Xenoblade chronicles does all of this but waaaaay better plus these graphics look horrible battle system sucks controls are stiff and not normal music is not good either and there's no world to explore

  5. I hated this game's battle system. It has one of the most awkward control schemes i've seen and no introduced gameplay mechanics gets developped at all. It's a pitty because everything else seemed pretty decent. The soundtrack was nothing special but had some really great tunes and the atmosphere and the pacing of the story were what kept me going.

    Ultimately, the boring and annoyingly superficial battle system made me ignore the game halfway through. Really couldn't see what all the fuss was about.

  6. Square Enix need a visionary like hironobu to continue the final fantasy series. A small team of passionate smart people who know what they are doing who take risks to make visionary games. That is the recipie for RPG success rather than focusing on profits, formulas, and pretty graphics. A major part of games development is artistry at the high end, and this cannot be bottled in a mass market way.

  7. I love this game but the online really is weak. Magic use just spam the same move over and over again. Can't blame them though, there attack is so weak that you really can't do anything but that. This is why I like fighters. They were made for fights.

  8. Finally a review that gives this game a score that it deserves! I haven't played a modern RPG this good since Valkyria Chronicles! A truly good RPG is the kind that has you sad that's it's over for the next few days, and this is one of those. And it's MUCH better than Xenoblade!

  9. man he didn't even touch on the arena in the center of lazuras, great way to over lvl your character and get a challenge, i was able to beat arena challenges with enemies 3x my own party lvl. but don't get me wrong this game is in no way a peice of cake even after doing that and having crazy over lvled characters it took me around 15 tries to beat that spider boss you catch a glimpse of in this review.

  10. I've never played it but this game looks incredible, are there many natural environments? It says it takes place in one city, is there a significant amount of areas to roam? ( i like to roam 😀 )

  11. I just beat it after 38+ hours and i can honestly say its one of the greatest games ive ever played and ive played LOT… to sum it up i didnt cry at my grandmothers funeral but i cried when this was over, i JUST WANT MORE. please i want everyone to experience this story, do your self a favor and BUY THIS AMAZING GAME!

  12. Does this game require motion control? I'm looking for some games I can play in my room, so I don't have much space to move or point at the screen.

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