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This fast-paced boxing game enhances upon its predecessor in just about each way, and adds an entertaining story manner to boot.

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  1. I don't get how people can say this game is 'anti white'. Andre and his brother are good guys and they are half white. Andre's trainer and his girlfriend ( obviously good guys too) are also white. Surely if this game was 'anti white' none of the good guys would be white..

  2. Fight night 4 was terrible felt so unresponsive to me? I know 3 wasn't the most realistic but it was more fun in my opinion? 

  3. Can someone gameshare me this fight night champion please. i really want to play this

  4. im thinknig to get this game. can someone help me. is this game worth getting or ?? ..

    and this is to players who played all or must the moxing games out there

  5. Ok think about this guys, Fight Night Champion came out in March 2011. That is 3 years ago.  We are in need of another Next Gen Boxing Game for the PS4 desperately. In my opinion this was one of the best boxing sims out there.  It had a decent story line as well, a bit short but that's not what the game was made for.  If you look at EA UFC, one of the main selling points that they point out is how when you hit the body you can see ripples go up!! Ummm ok… its in this game here on the PS3 made 3 years ago as well.  Just think what they can do if they made another Fight Night Champion for the PS4, how realistic could it get potentially? I am sure that there would be no more sharing of boxers on the EA servers like they do now, because of the potential lawsuits. That's why we do not see the EA UFC have a fighter share location so others can download Justin Beiber and have him fight in the Bantamweight section 😉

    So how about it EA or how about you 2k?  Anyone listening to what the gamers want?

  6. Good game but nothing like Boxing at all. Theres boxers that play like boxing but theres spammers that play like robots. Steppercuts??..since when in boxing do you lead with a right step/right upper lol. When in boxing do you constantly step back and throw the right hand only?? jab just step back right lol. Im up there in the rankings but only few are boxers who box beautifully, all the others are robotic spammers.

  7. I have wanted this game for the longest time but have not been able to find it ANYWHERE for the past 2 years or so. I'd order it online but with my history of getting bunk games from online providers, I guess I grew untrustworthy of the service.

  8. Yesterday I lost to Chavez Jr in a war. Swolen eyes, blood, and multiple knockdowns.

  9. Yesterday I lost to Chavez Jr in a war. Swolen eyes, blood, and multiple knockdowns.

  10. just dont mention anything about gays on the sites comment section… i think it was mass effect 3… there was an article about gays/lesbians in video games and all i put down i swear was "i dont think this is necessary in video games" and just like that my accound was banned. They are way too sensitive on the comments seriously, comments are for opinions and gamespot cant take em. They do decent reviews but the admins or whatever they're fucking pathetic. I was offended they would ban me for

  11. woooooo! big bad skinhead beat a black guy with a golden heart, who then seeks revenge with the help of a white girl who then prolly lets him impregnate her and make million cute mulatto-babies.
    Typical jew BS-script.

  12. Since the update this game feels almost broken. Punches that should connect come up short, literally. Alot of blocked shots get through somehow. Hate that you have to pay for fighters that are already on disc. Maxing out you're XP feels cheap as you can one punch KO anybody! Analog or button punching feels laggy, sometimes even throwing punches you never threw on its own.

    The game is good, I enjoy it but it still needs work.

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  14. I could not get trough the fight after the intro fight, on easy… Its just hard and because its so hard to learn it sucked balls i thought.

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