Go Family vacation Wii Critique

Go Family vacation Critique for the Nintendo Wii, by Kwing Critiques. Individually this is an odd time of year to release a video game about Summer months,Spring or Winter season Family vacation. Even so does this sequel to We Ski make the minimize, or is this 1 Family vacation ideal skipped? Watch my Wii Critique to come across out.

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33 thoughts on “Go Family vacation Wii Critique

  1. This is my favorite game!! I recommend this, but I agree with you that mini golf is the dumb, and hardest gamest in Go Vacation [community rated]

  2. The nostalgia I have from this game is insane. I used to play this game with my brother just chasing each other around in the cars or on horses

  3. I'm still hooked on it love it so much but I haven't played it in a while since my PS4 is connected to my TV and I can only have space on my counter for 1

  4. we rented this for a weekend, and it was AWESOME!!! my brother and i kept fighting over whose turn it was. i wanna buy this but had to see if it was really that good. looks like its worth it. :)

  5. He's only about negative things in the video, I think it was not .. I think it is THE BEST WII GAME EVER!

  6. How many of the mini games use the balance board? How is it set up with the controls? Do you need to switch back & forth constantly?

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