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Godfire | iOS iPhone / iPad Gameplay Review. Visit http://www.appspy.com for more great iPhone and iPad game reviews. Approximate Installed Size – 1025 MB ht…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Based on the console Game Mirror´s Edge… Because of the boring Gameplay not worth to buy. Thank u for watching.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Godfire | IOS IPhone / IPad Gameplay Review - AppSpy.com

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SBS DRAMA Man from Star Special O.S.T CD + DVD - Godfire | IOS IPhone / IPad Gameplay Review - AppSpy.com
Product Details

Package2CD + DVD
Release Date2014-02-27
DVD Region CodeALL

Track List
CD 1
01.My Destiny -린 (LYn)
02.별처럼 – 케이윌 (K.will)
03.별에서온그대 – 윤하

Price: $ 33.46

27 thoughts on “Godfire | iOS iPhone / iPad Gameplay Review – AppSpy.com

  1. I absolutely hate in-app purchases, especially after paying this much
    initially. I’m totally fine with paying a couple of bucks for a game (in
    fact I like premium games and the premium philosophy a lot) but this smells
    like a business model, not like a game with the player in mind. Infinity
    Blade 3 is a much better alternative, its huge, its epic, its beautiful and
    after a paying a few bucks you can enjoy the game without the need for
    in-app purchases.

  2. IAPs are like paying admission into a theme park, and then having to pay
    again separately for each ride. Nobody wants to do that.

  3. i like how the reviewer doesn’t say anything about the puzzles… and also
    the fact he calls them puzzles.

  4. In-game Purchases are destroying games in general. Especially when you’ve
    gotta pay before hand for the game itself.

  5. You people should join touch arcade

  6. The sun god reminds me of the worker of secrets from infinity blade.

  7. Wow this game is super sloooooooowwwwwwwwwwww

  8. Damn this game looks soooo damn bad. Gonna have to pass. Besides the decent
    graphics its gameplay looks worse than that of Hero of Sparta 2 and that
    game is really really old now.

  9. Well at-least it marks the beginning of console like graphics on mobile
    platform. Now other developers know what they are competing against in
    terns of graphics.

  10. Ive played it and don’t worry about in game purchases its not necessary.
    But over all it gets boring after you do the same thing over and over
    again, for example when in the presence of danger Prometheus only has the
    ability to hack or somersault, and once you get good at hacking and
    somersaulting its really easy, its good but why? when you could but God of
    War III on console for 15 bucks? 

  11. That’s a joke. You just very bad player, that’s it. No problem for me at
    medium difficulty level 

  12. I love most of your reviews but This one sucks! The way you fought that
    minotaur…you wonder you lose. I Beated The game easily without IAP. 

  13. Storyline, gameplay and graphics still goes to Wildblood.

  14. It reminds me of devil may cry the first game 

  15. its 7 dollars and i still have to bother about in app purchase NOOOOOOOO!!!

  16. Unfair review. Godfire holds it own with a slower but more tactical combat
    than god of war, and the minotaur boss battle is an easy battle, you need
    to wait for your enemy to become ‘tired’. I finished the game without using
    IAP’s and felt that they were not at all encouraged, but they were there if
    you wanted them. From this review I am left with the impression that you
    never actually grasped a hold of the game. 

  17. Wow it looks reallt stiff and boring.. Glad i didnt buy it

  18. I have to say that I’m extremely tempted to get this game just because you
    don’t like it. This is the worst review I’ve ever seen. Thanks for such
    insightful comments as ‘it also has (long pause) sound.’ Also, I thought
    the original console version was excellent. It took a little while to get
    used to, but then it was a great experience.

  19. The console version was not very good either

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