Google Allo evaluation – is it value switching?

Allo is Google’s most recent messaging application. With so several wonderful third get together messengers, is this even value thinking about? Watch and locate out!

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35 thoughts on “Google Allo evaluation – is it value switching?

  1. I must say, I really admire the modesty and honesty in the reviews of the Allo app both here and those by Google. They don't hide the flaws hidden the choice you're considering. N0w I already know it's not ideal for replacing my native messenger or Google voice messaging. Thanx

  2. Truth is, I really like the products that Google make. But this… No chat backup? And full of unnecessary stuff just to show the things that Google can do. Competitor to WhatsApp? Doubt it.

  3. If Google made this the base messaging app then this would be a killer app. Google really needs to push out a iMessage competitor.

  4. heard NSA has a big foothold in Allo even though google "promised" in its pre release that it wouldn't read your messages.

  5. I am about to download it and will surely do a cool tutorials on it all as well as a review. Thanks for the info, I hope it works well once I get the Pixel phone. I'm very intrigued by such and love this AI experience potential of the Google Assistant. Curated!

  6. I'd use allo if it was a viable hangouts replacement. If hangouts had the color options as messenger (i'm superficial that way) and had the google assistant, I'd only use hangouts. take duo, take allo, put them back in hangouts, and keep that one nice.

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