Google Drops Star Rating Threshold For Local Business Reviews

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Google Drops Star Rating Threshold For Local Business Reviews

Changes Made In Google Star Ratings!

Google is now awarding stars for as little as one review that is received from a businesses Google My Business listing. The policy previously required a business to have a minimum of five reviews before a star rating would be shown. If only one or two customers have left you a review… Your businesses rating is based on those one or two reviews and it is what all your future customers and clients will glance at in the future.

Google uses this five star rating scale to rank businesses based on performance and customer experience. Consumers are given the opportunity to leave a business review, which includes choosing a grade from one star (poor performance) to five stars (excellent service). Google uses an algorithm to average the reviews together to determine an overall star rating.

With the recent changes, if a customer leaves a review (positive or negative) for a business and it’s the only review listed, that’s going to essentially determine the business’s ENTIRE rating until someone else decides to write a review. This could be good or bad, depending on the review that is left.

Simply put… if someone leaves you a bad review then you’re going to end up with a poor star rating, and this could seriously impact a customer’s decision to use your business and end up going with a competitor instead.

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