Google Glass Review: First Impressions

Have you heard about this new wearable computer?! I’m one of only 10 thousand to have one of these. I’m part of Google’s Glass Explorer program, where they choose a select few to test its new features before going on sale to the rest of the public next year. Take a look through my Google Glass.

So what is it exactly- you ask?….. it’s basically your smartphone, that’s up here. Right at your eye level. So no need to look down at a phone for your emails, calls, messages.. all the info you get on the smart phone. What I like about this the most so far is the hands free video mode, All you do give the command, (ok Glass) Take a picture. and Voila, it’s there.

You can also tell it to search the web. You can set it to tell you when you get the latest tweets and facebook messages. It’s actually pretty cool. The right part of the frame is actually a touch pad. and right behind your ear is a speaker. Once you start playing with it for a few minutes, it’s pretty easy to get.

Google is constantly upgrading the features on this and so I’m excited to see what new thing they come up with.

The price tag was definitely not cheap. I paid $1500 for the privilege of getting it before everyone else. I’ll let you know if it’s worth it


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7 thoughts on “Google Glass Review: First Impressions

  1. Makes me wonder how it is to drive with these glasses though, won't it be distracting? Nifty gadget though, I like them 😀

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