Google Pixel (XL) Review – The best phone you probably shouldn’t buy

The Pixel and Pixel XL are excellent phones from Google, but just because they’re from Google doesn’t automatically mean they’re the best!

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27 thoughts on “Google Pixel (XL) Review – The best phone you probably shouldn’t buy

  1. yes sir I've had my 3T for a few weeks and I'm very fond of it. it's fast never glitches no buffering on videos has the ear bud jack nice loud phone speakers came with a screen protector charges very fast. at about $400 less than the pixel. as a reference I have been an HTC fan for years owned 3 of them and after watch many reviews I narrowed it to the U ultra HTC the pixel and the OnePlus 3T. no regrets so far. did I say this phone charges very fast? Yea I did but it's worth mentioning again first rapid charge phone I've owned and it's awesome. good video and review sir thank you

  2. I really want this phone. but the price is not worth for me to get it. . at the end I chose axon 7 last year.

  3. This phone is not premium, not waterproof, not stereo speaker sound, not wireless charge, regular and simple design and the most sad, the price is overrated. I'm not waste my money with this phone, going to buy a Nexus 6P 64Gb. Right now with my Shamu XT1103 32gb and I don't envy the Pixel phones, definitely! Btw love your realistic review, awesome! 😉👍🏼💯🍷🍷

  4. this great phone is missing too many features for it's price. simple no to 2016 pixels. Hope 2017 will turn to be right. hopefully less expensive.

  5. I was really looking forward to buy a new Nexus phone, but this move by Google is really a bad move. Doesn't include many useful features and costs an eye. Just a stupid move. But wait, there are stupid consumers out there! Ok, fine, religions exist in the tech world and BigG just wanted its own.

  6. Trying to get the pixel but can't decide between getting the 32gb variant with Google's protection plan or the 128gb without the protection (limited money wise). I've heard arguments from both sides. Kinda wanted to get your opinion on it

  7. Great review Peter. I bought a N6P used on Swappa. I don't think I'll ever buy a new phone again Lol.

  8. if u have a nexus 6p, you do NOT need to upgrade. Go to xda and you'll get the same exact pixel experience with the added bonus of front firing speakers !

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