Google Plus – How to Log In & Respond to Reviews

This video shows you how to log into your personal and business Google Plus accounts so that you can find and respond to reviews that your customers have left for you on your Google+ page.

It’s very important to respond to all reviews left on your Business Google Plus page as it sends a strong message to the people who will see those reviews in the future that you care about delivering a high quality service and that you are paying attention to your reputation.

Statistics show that 87% of people will FIRST go and look you up online BEFORE contacting you. And this is 87% of people who have been REFERRED to your company already by someone they know! And since the vast majority of these people will look you up on Google, it’s very important that your Google reviews show them that you care about your reputation and delivering a quality product or service.

We can help you respond to any negative reviews and give you some good language to use to try and explain your side of the story without engaging an unhappy customer in an argument. It’s critically important that you say the right things when someone leaves you a bad review! Please let us help you with that.

In many cases, we have been able to get a negative review turned into a positive one just by saying the right things at the right time.

Please contact us if we can be of any help with managing and marketing your good reputation!



4 thoughts on “Google Plus – How to Log In & Respond to Reviews

  1. google plus is a total # you cant add any reviews honestly if your real profile is displayed other than your add on profiles so no window we hardly get any honesty on commercial businesses in this hypocritical superficial facebook world. Whenever i try to write a review on a commercial business in google i it always defaults to my real named profile wtf google you #!

  2. The business owner has the final comment correct? The person who leaves a negative review cannot go back and respond to the business owners' reply right?

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