Gothic Novels | Halloween Recs.

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45 thoughts on “Gothic Novels | Halloween Recs.

  1. Love this video! I love Gothic novels and since it is coming to fall, I want to read some more. My favorite Gothic novels are Jane Eyre, Frankenstein, and Turn of the Screw, but I still need to read Wuthering Heights, Dracula, and many others. I learned about the story within a story style in my English Literature Cross Atlantic Survey Course. If I remember correctly, Chaucer started it with Canterbury Tales, but I could be wrong about that, but I do love that style. Dante does similar story telling style in The Inferno where you learn more the deeper you go down into hell and then you slowly come back up towards the surface.

  2. I’ve just come across your channel and have been watching your older videos. I saw this one come up in the suggested videos and got so excited! Gothic literature is my absolute favorite genre (blame it on being a Marylander and growing up on the state’s favorite author: Poe). My favorite gothic stories are definitely the ones by Daphne du Maurier.

  3. My favorite Gothic? I have so many. The House on the Strand, Rebecca, Dracula, Varney the Vampire, House of 7 Gables,
    Weiland the Werewolf, the list goes on!

  4. I LOVE Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, it did take me a while to get to love it, definitely wasn't a fan the first time round (the epistolary-esq narrative probably.) I think you should definitely try to read it again :)))))))

  5. The castle of Otranto for some reason I can not finish reading,  I like  The Woman in White, The Mysteries of Udolpho,  Carmilla and the Vampire by Polidori

  6. omg you helped me so much with my lit exam. I don't really like reading the novels but you helped me sort of understand the genre better!!! I 'm a guy btw

  7. Frankenstein was tough to get through. i cant get through it. Dracula is one of my favorites. easy read. but Frankenstein…i cant. i honestly cant

  8. Dorian Gray is probably my favourite novel of all time. (A bit difficult to reread bc of flowery prose, but otherwise SO fun to reread, especially the uncensored edition)

  9. That's a good thought rather. We at Batweb Gothic Reviews do well…Gothic reviews and could not find many Gothic novels either. Well some horror series have macabre elements, but still the founding fathers of the genre are often the most Gothic, which was one reason we chose to review Frankenstein ourselves over most other candidates. Anyway, we found your video interesting to watch and subscribed to your channel

  10. I have read almost all of these, when I was a kid, lol. I was one of those, yes.  But, don't forget to check out the last Bronte's sister's book, The  Tenant of, um, Wild fell Hall? Check out everything they wrote.  Also, Charles Dickens may not fit the mold, but my favorite old classic, if not gothic, was Great Expectations.

  11. Just thought you might like to know our English teacher showed this in class. So your videos are literally school material

  12. This video made me very disappointed in myself, because I own all of these books but somehow have read none of them

  13. Hi any recommendations for a Gothic Novel for a first time reader of this type of genre. One that is easy to read not too scary.

  14. The different narrative layers (the story-in-a-story-in-a-story thing in Frankenstein) are called extradiegetic (1st layer), intradiegetic (2nd), hypodiegetic (3rd), etc. 🙂

  15. Frankenstein is the next book I want to read, and I am also going to read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde soon, but now it sounds disappointing with the narration. Dracula is also a book I want to read soon. 🙂

  16. A wonderful and incredibly indulgent gothic novel is The Monk by Matthew Lewis. I never hear enough people talk about it!

  17. i 100% agree with you on jekyll and hyde! i read it some years back all hyped up for this iconic classic, and ended just being like ???? well that was disappointing. i guess it's just one of those quintessential novels you just gotta read if you're a fan of the genre!

  18. Gothic novels are my favorites – but I tend to favor the ones with women as the main character, rather than Dr. Jekyll or Frankenstein, etc.

    My favorite, and a wonderful American one is A Woman Named Smith. I mean, I heard about it from Guillermo Del Toro – it's gotta be good right? I love it so much. It's about a woman who inherits a good ol' southern mansion from her horrible old aunt-by-marriage. It was Aunt Sophronisba's last dig at her relatives and neighbors to will what was left of her money and mansion to a yankee. The house is the most amazing, wonderful house and there are strange happenings, disembodied music, secret passages! It's wonderful.

  19. I just read Frankenstein for this first time in October and I thought it was great! I loved the story within a story (etc.) aspect you pointed out. It was so interesting to keep diving deeper and deeper into the story. And I loved the setting and the ominous atmosphere that Shelley evoked as well!

  20. Hello!! Love your videos!! There's a book you reviewed about a man who inherits a mansion from a family member and it may be haunted. I've been looking through your videos and can't find it and looked on good reads and still nothing my the cover is black and white and have a big house of the cover and I've wanted to read it but now can't find it:/ HELP!!!

  21. I actually clicked onto this video because I thought I had never read a gothic novel before just to find out I already read most of the books you mentioned XD So now I know what gothic novels are thanks!! I just recently read Dr Jekyll and really really enjoyed it because I thought the narration style was very intriguing and it fascinated me how Stevensson made me feel with Dr Jekyll even though we were so far away from him AND even though I was already spoiled for everything!

  22. I read Dracula recently and loved it, especially the style of narration. It's written as a collection of letters, diary entries and newspaper cuttings and it reinforces the idea of the characters combining all the evidence they have to try and reach their end goal. It made me feel more part of the story and like I was going on their mission with them. It's fantastically creepy too and I would highly recommend it.

  23. I feel like your description of Frankenstein as a staircase is linked with your synesthesia, and it's very cool/accurate!

  24. For a more modern take on Gothic, Diane Setterfield's The Thirteenth Tale is brilliant. It has lots of Bronte references and a very interesting narrative structure.

  25. How about The Haunting by Shirley Jackson? Is that a gothic novel? It seems to have almost all of the characteristics you mentioned haha

  26. I'm always going to have a soft spot for Frankenstein, but I also absolutely love Carmilla and The Moonstone – they're both worth checking out! 🙂

  27. I really love the Gothic 🙂 I wrote my dissertation on the Female Gothic and how the heroine and the villain were portrayed in Ann Radcliffe's novels. The Mysteries of Udolpho is a good one 😉 but very chunky! I liked Northanger abbey very much! And I would like to read Nightmare Abbey as well some day.

  28. I did my university dissertation on gothic novels! They're my favourites. I love Dorian Gray, Dracula and Frankenstein, so much! The one I haven't been able to get through is Wuthering Heights, it's so boring to me 🙁

  29. "The Woman in Black" is definitely my favorite gothic novel as well as one of the best plays I've seen. The movie was good, but took some artistic license in telling the story. I've been searching for a novel that captures me the way "The Woman in Black" does when I read it. No luck so far.

  30. Love your videos, but I have a question: Gothic novels are part of Romanticism right, but aren't the works of the Bronte sisters set in the Victorian Period and thus having rather different literal [kenmerken (forgot the English word, but you're Dutch anyway haha]?

  31. one of my favourite gothic novels is the private memoirs and confessions of a justified sinner by james hogg, it's really creepy and has a narrative within a narrative, i definitely think you'd enjoy it 🙂

  32. Frankenstein was pretty bland for me. There were parts that I enjoyed but it just ended with such an anti-climax. I think Dracula was soooooooooo much better! 🙂

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