GPD G5A Android Gaming Handheld Tablet Review – Tablet with built in game controller

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) The GPD-G5A is an interesting and reasonably priced gaming handheld. It features two control sticks,…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

MOGA Review, the full-featured gamepad controller for Android, Dual analog sticks, shoulder triggers & four action buttons, just what you need in a Mobile Ga…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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34 thoughts on “GPD G5A Android Gaming Handheld Tablet Review – Tablet with built in game controller

  1. Kelvin — I don’t believe the RP One is available yet but I did reach out
    to Signal who makes it to see if they can send me an evaluation unit.

  2. Looks decent. Too bad about the D-pad though. These days there really
    isn’t a reason to not use the Nintendo style, as the patent on that ran out
    a while ago so anyone can use it, rather than an alternative style.

    I hope that in a couple/few years they release a new model with updated
    specs. Be great if it could play Wii games (and play them well).

    Incidentally, did you try multiple Gamecube games? Maybe Sunshine just
    didn’t want to play nice?

  3. I know I am late to this video but thanks for the shoutout! I was not
    expecting that at all. I changed my name several weeks ago so it is still
    me 🙂

    EDIT: The reason why I suggested this is for the price/performance per
    dollar. If you want the best android and retro handheld then the nvidia
    shield or a moga pro power connected to a high end tablet is best ( or a
    dualshock 4 with OTG cable)

    The price is $120 on willgoo, Amazon tried to jack it to $190 before
    recently dropping it to $99, I just thought that $120 was a much better
    deal than a zero due to how much performance you are getting for the price
    (quad core) and the fact that it can do much more.

  4. Will you do a review on the RP one ios 7 controller anytime soon?

  5. Hey, Just a tip for all your Android/ICS reviews. Use Full!Screen or a
    similar app to remove the bar. It is a must for retro gaming if something
    is not running at native resolution :)

  6. There exist a control pad worse than the GCW ZERO? … Thanks you let me
    know not to buy one. 

  7. Lol all of you wasted your money, just connect any ps3 remote and boom an
    awesome controller
    Just make sure to have a ps3 controller…..

  8. my moga pocket is right next to me all paired up with my samsung galaxy s3
    mini :)

  9. Just ordered mine, hopefully it works nicely with all the ps1 games i’ll be
    emulating on my s4

  10. Can i Play Modern Combat 3 with this Gamepad?

  11. Can you play goldeneye 007 for n64?

  12. Does it work on iphone 4? Answer asap please! :)

  13. Yeah terraria would be epic with this controller

  14. I think the batteries is a deal breaker should be rechargable =/

  15. +jlm264 no? All you need is the controller a usb cable and a android device
    just dont be lazy and root the phone what does it take to do 5min?

  16. Does call of duty black ops zombies work with this?

  17. How do i get the free sonic game? i can’t find the code anywhere .-.

  18. Pacman, dead trigger 2, kirby GB, mario kart gba and riptide gp2

  19. nice vid sir, sub back. looking forward to more vids

  20. did anyone else notice his Stigosaurus shirt????

    Didn’t know he was a top gear fan XD

  21. dead trigger modern combat pacman street fighter avp metal slug

  22. Loved the review, so I bought one! Now I just need to order the official
    Blunty goatee template and I’ll be set!

  23. have you find any issues with the clip pushing buttons if you want to
    center the sony xperia z ?

  24. I came here to see what controller I can get for modern combat 4 and it
    shows moderrmn combat 4 on this lol

  25. Can we play fifa 14 with this controller?

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