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41 thoughts on “GRAPHIC NOVEL & Comedian Book HAUL

  1. I really enjoyed Friends with Boys by Faith Erin Hicks and Sunny Side Up by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm recently.

  2. Just found your videos! SO much fun, I love your energy! Have you read Ghostopolis yet? Looks really cute!

  3. These are trade paperbacks, comic books are single issues the trades are collected editions of comic books.

  4. I recently found out about this absolutely great comic series called Rachel Rising. It's about a girl who wakes up in a shallow grave and digs herself out. She's not a zombie but she's definitely not alive either. It's a really engrossing mystery and i'd love to hear your thoughts on it. There are 5 trades so far so you have plenty of material to keep you busy

  5. well, being Russian it was funny to hear about baba Yaga from you 😀
    by the way, accent should be on the last letter, so it is baba (baba is like granny) YagA :)

  6. I really think you would like the Morning Glories series, it's and Image comics series about these kids at this really messed up school. I also think you would like Runaways, a Marvel series from the mid 2000's that has recently gotten a new 4 or 5 volume complete collection, they sometimes had adventures with the first Young Avengers.

  7. Do you still read mangas? Because I highly recommend Death Note. It's about a notebook dropped into the human world and you can kill people with it. It is from the same people that created Bakuman. It is smart, mysterious, nicely paced, paranormal (because Shinigamis aka gods of death)and full of plot twists and doesn't get boring. I'm almost through it and it never ceased to surprise me. The black Edition is especially beautiful and suprisingly big for a manga. I really recommend this it is fantastic I'm not as into Mangas as I am into graphic novels but this one is one of my all time favourite things I ever read.

  8. I got into comics this year too and I've got some recommendations:
    batman year one and subsequently the man who laughs
    the killing joke
    justice League vol 1 by Geoff Johns
    green arrow year one

    if you're interested in the classic stuff look into marvels epic collections like
    the amazing spider man epic collection: great power

  9. I just started reading Chew by John Layman the art is really cool and creepy. while the storyline is a cool detective case.

  10. YAAAAAY Ghostopolis is so underrated! OUhhh Sculptor is definitely on my tbr! Ugggh I just wasn't a fan of the first issue of the Wicked and the Divine either.

  11. Hey Jesse. I want to get my older brother into manga/graphic novels. What would you recommend for a guy? He's more into the action/adventure genre.

  12. your shirt is awesome 😀 and I loved your video, makes me want to try out graphic novels too :)

  13. You should definitely check out the Frank Miller's daredevil series. The story and artwork is fantastic!

  14. I've had The Sculptor on my shelf forever, I really need to read it!
    And it's so frustrating Vol 2 of Young Avengers is nowhere to be found, I might have to ask for the omnibus for Christmas.
    Also, I LOVED Ant Man! I was super surprised by how much I ended up enjoying that movie.

  15. If you are in for dark themes, you should consider :
    SANDMAN by Neil Gaiman and MAUS by Art Spiegelman.

    For awesome characters, like Ms Marvel, you should look at: PERSEPOLIS( I got a feeling you will REALLY like this one) by Majorie Satrapi.

    And for SuperHeroes stuff, (until you can get vol 2 of Young Avengers) I highly recommend: HAWKEYE: My life as an weapon by Matt Fraction, and CAPTAIN MARVEL:Higher, Further, Faster, More by Kelly Sue.

    And if you are just into pretty looking art, i think you should set your eyes on: THE GRAVEYEARD BOOK, by Neil Gaiman and PRETTY DEADLY by Kelly Sue Deconnick

  16. If you're looking for more horror comics I'd definitely recommend Revival, it's one of my favourites.

  17. I have the same with art styles I normally don't buy dc comics but I love the artstyle of bucky Cloonan and I heard good reviews about Gotham academy so I think I gonna read it even tough it's mostly because of her style

  18. I really recomend Watchmen by writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons. It is The classic graphic novel that you have to read. And it really is great!

  19. Locke and key by Joe Hill & Illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez please please please !!!!! I promise you Jesse you will not be disappointed in the series.

  20. Hey, Jessy. Last couple of month you do a lot of video about comic book and graphic novel. First, thanks for that. Second, I got one question for you – Have you ever read Watchmen by Alan Moore? If answer is yes can you make video about it? Because it is very AWESOME graphic novel with super interesting plot and great picture style.

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