Guardians of the Galaxy movie critique

Marvel’s riskiest film among the Marvel movie onslaught powerhouse hits theatres! Are you hooked on a emotion? Jeremy opinions the sci-fi space journey/comedy “Guardians of the Galaxy”!

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30 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy movie critique

  1. He didnt even mention GROOT?? And he says Dave Bautista was bad in playing Drax?? This guy must be HIGH as FUCK!!!

  2. rocket was the best character in the film, he was so funny, the who cast was great but rocket for me whas the highlight, him and groot, what a pair, reminds of han and chewie

  3. ehh i thought the movie was pretty dumb. if i was still in middle school i could see myself thinking it was funny/enjoyable, but it came off as childish and dumb as fuck

  4. Jeremy gives GOTG buy it on Blu Ray & no one bats an eye
    Jeremy gives Fury Road Blu Ray & everyone loses their minds!!!!!

  5. do people actually like guardians of the galaxy or are they just pretending because it's marvel… i think it's one of the most boring movies i've ever seen. awful

  6. I'm quite amazed that you haven't showed Howard the Duck in the beginning of your review! XD

  7. Am I seriously the only one who didn't enjoy this movie as much as everyone else? Like a 7/10 not a 9/10 which people are saying

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