Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, starring Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Richard Harris, Maggie Smith, Robbie Coltrane. Directed by Chris Columbus.

46 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – Movie Review

  1. "In which Harry finds out that Tom Riddle is not exactly a very good person" understatement of the century πŸ˜‚

  2. Chamber of Secrets is actually my favorite in the whole franchise. I watched it the most growing up, I love the whole mystery theme, and the darker tone than the original kept my ten-year-old self interested and feeling a little uneasy at the same time, a feeling I won't soon forget. Also I can probably quote half of this movie.

  3. My Harry Potter movie rankings (SUBJECTIVE)

    8. Order of the Phoenix: B-
    7. Goblet of Fire: B
    6. Half-Blood Prince: B
    5. Chamber of Secrets: B+
    4. Philosopher's Stone: B+
    3. Deathly Hallows Part 2: A-
    2. Deathly Hallows Part 1: A (HOLY CRAP THIS MOVIE IS UNDERRATED)
    1. Prisoner of Azkaban: A+

  4. "We've raised you since you were a bedroom given you the food off our table even let you have Dudley's second baby, purely out of the kindness of our hearts"

  5. My favourite Harry Potter movie is Goblet of Fire!! Favourite book is probably Prisoner of Azkaban and Deathly Hallows

  6. Out of all the child actors in the movie Tom Felton as Draco is definitely the most talented one.

  7. Hey there! Great review!

    I am very fond of Columbus work since he set the tone just right at the start. But yes, I have to agree that the second movie was rather the same. Even though they changed a lot, like the lighting is darker through the castle and the colors everywhere are darker the movie is indeed some sort of recap of the first one. That's also because John Williams (the great almighty composer) almost used the same score for this film, including the grand finale of Quirrel and Harry used at the Chamber of Secrets.

    It's in movie three where Williams wanted to try something new (using the clarinet and hobo a lot more than the horn) which made it sound medieval but also very Hogwarts-y.

    Alfonso was indeed a brilliant director, but after that it went downhill with book accuracy. I think Columbus did a great job on that, because I can mouth some lines that were also in the book πŸ˜‰

    Going to watch the 3rd movie review now, and looking forward to it!

  8. it's paces a lot better than the first movie. My rank of them from worst to best would be
    7.Order of the pheonix (still pretty great though, loved the umbridge scenes)
    6. Half Blood Prince (loved it for how dark it was)
    5. Deathly Hallows (I see it as one full)
    4. Philosophers Stone (in my opinion the perfect setup for this one)
    3. Goblet Of fire (So different from the rest yet probably the most entertaining one)
    Prisoner of Askaban (by far the smartest and objectively best one out them all)
    But the best Harry Potter movie in my opinion IS this one because it sums up what I love about the universe. Only takes a few minutes for the setup to happen again. I know a lot of people say things 'this is just the first movie again' or 'too similar' but I really don't think so. I really feel like this one perfected the Chris Columbus Harry Potter movie formula. While the first one was a great setup. This one was where everything was kicked in to it at once and I just loved that about it as well as that I find the humour of this movie especially good. I'm not the only one that thinks this though because critics like Roger Ebert and a popular YouTube user I know The Unusual Suspect think this is the best in the series too. I feel people do not give Chamber of Secrets enough credit for what it done. Yes it was similar but it was done perfectly in my opinion. Firing on all cylinders. Book readers be triggered. It's supposed to be a movie adaption. That does not mean it has to copy everything from the book. The only thing I hated about the movie was the spider scenes cause of my arachnophobia. I think people just overlook this movie tbh. Everything is done much better here.

  9. I hated this one, that slave troll was so annoying, harmony was MIA, and the spider scene was scarier than the serpent climax!! The first was perfect this ones desperately trying to maintain that.

  10. I truly don't understand why this film is generally considered to be one of the worst in the franchise (as in bottom two or so). I just don't get it. I like Chris, but the only "downfall" in this movie that he pointed out was that it's "interchangeable" with the first movie. This is a really stupid point, and he doesn't give any examples, he only says there's "lots of elements" where he thought to himself "haven't i seen this already?" what elements? the quiddich match? harry ron and hermione still being young?? AND WHY IS HE COMPARING THE "INTERCHANGEABILITY" OF THE FIRST 2 POTTER MOVIES WITH HOME ALONE? Home alone 1 and 2 ARE the same movie lol. The same thing happens. This potter movie has a completely new story. It was directed by the same guy so it may feel similar in that regard, but i don't get what "downfall" he is on about. It feels similar because, the first two movies are the two where more of the main conflict occurs in hogwarts than any of the others. And even IF what Chris is saying is a valid point, why is it a negative? you liked the first movie, and then your only complaint about the second was that it's similar to the first? chris didn't really "review" all the harry potter movies all that well. AND THEN HE GAVE FANTASTIC BEASTS AN A-?????!!!! AFTER GIVING THE FIRST 2 POTTER MOVIES B+???!!!! U KIDDING ME? this was a rant and i am triggered.

  11. One thing that always bothered me about this one is that it has one of the worst examples of discipline in all the movies. That Harry and Ron are just punished without any questions being asked or any investigations done as to what happened. What they did was not something they knew perfectly well was forbidden but also highly inconvenient. Discipline is something I'm very sensitive to and that really brings it down for me. The discipline scene in the first one also is the biggest stain in that movie as they also didn't ask the critical question of "why". However because that scene isn't as big it doesn't affect my enjoyment of it that much.
    If it wasn't for that bad discipline scene this would probably be my favorite out of all the Harry Potter movies. I adore everything else but I can just never get past that idea that they are so incompetent when it comes to discipline. Also if it wasn't for the fifth movie I had lost all respect for her.

    Also the scene's of Dobbie ruining Harry were very hard to watch. Also Harry acting like that makes no sense as I think he would try not to be anywhere near it. As I said I love this movie but the beginning is just hard to get through.

  12. Jess I think philosophers stone or sorcerers stone is scarier than chamber of secrets I donno if it's cause I'm not that afraid of spiders but the voldemort in the 1st one scares the shit out of me

  13. this movie is great not as good as the next one but still really great. I even remember watching this as a kid and just loving this and the first one so much

  14. I would say that this is my favourite Harry Potter film. The ending is, for me, personally, the best of all eight and I love the climax.

  15. I read Fantastic beasts and where to find them (the school book) the other day and on one of the pages it was written: "Rumours that a colony of Acromantula has been established in Scotland are unconfirmed". And then the last word is crossed out with a comment by Harry and Ron: "Confirmed by Harry Potter and Ron Weasley". And I totally lost it. xD

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