Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – Movie Review

Harry enters his 4th year with Hogwarts hosting the Triwizard tournament event! Here’s my review of “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”!

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37 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – Movie Review

  1. Is Cedric Diggory and Fleur Delacour car used the bubble head charm which is a charm that makes an air bubbles around your nose and your mouth allowing you to breathe for certain amount of time underwater while Viktor Krum used a Transfiguration on his head to give himself the head and gills of a shark in order to help him breathe underwater and Harry Potter used gillyweed which he was given from Longbottom who knew about killing me from the apology book that was given to him bye Mad Eye Moody or Alastor Moody and it was the fact that Harry Potter 8 or in this case swallowed the gillyweed that allowed him to breathe underwater and the only thing they know about the challenge in the black lake is that something near and dear to them has been taken and hidden at the bottom of the lake which in this case turns out to be their best friend or girlfriend and when Harry Potter discovers that it was their friends that were taking and heated at the bottom of the lake Harry Potter decides to say which is the only person he's required to save to complete the challenge what he decides to say Hermione and Fleur's sister ultimately he only ends up saving Ron and Fleur's sister while Cedric I believe saved Cho Chang and Victor saved Hermione and because Harry Potter felt that he needed to save everybody and ultimately would have gotten first place had he not trying to save everybody Dumbledore make an executive decision to give him second place based on his moral fiber even though because of the fact that you tried to say everybody ended up finishing last again Dumbledore many executive decision to get Harry Potter the second place award for moral fiber

  2. Lol well Harry got second place also because since Fleur had to return to the surface, he saved Ron AND her sister! They were only supposed to save one and he defied those rules

  3. In the book, dementors kill barty crouch jr. so he cannot testify, under veritaserum, infront of the courts that voldemort is back. It was a nice touch, to wrap it all together.

  4. for me it is by far the worst movie of the saga. for so many reasons that I don't have the courage to list right now .

  5. Preface: I love Harry Potter, books and movie. A lot. That being said, there are a lot of weaknesses in the series, but Goblet of Fire has glaring deficiencies. The Tri-Wizard Tournament is a big deal. But it's a spectator sport where two thirds of the tournament are completely out of view of the spectators. The movie is even worse than the book. Most of what Harry does in the First Task is completely out of view. They are magic! They don't use muggle technology, but you would think they could come up with some way to give the audience a peek of the action. How completely boring and pointless. A cheer when they enter, an hour or so later, a cheer when they exit. And the only way to find out what happened is if you are able to hear it from one of three (or four) people in a school of several hundred, all clamoring to hear the story, too. Lame. No wonder the other two schools don't send the entire student body to watch. (That bothered me, too. Why we're only a select few students and the headmaster from the other schools able to watch, but the entire student body and staff of Hogwarts?)

  6. This was my favorite Harry Potter movie. It's the only one I have seen more than once. The dragon 🐉 scene is cool. And you know who FINALLY shows up at the end.

  7. Goblet of Fire was definitely better than Half-Blood Prince (I like it the least), but it's just above HBP. JUST. Primarily because a lot of the humor was forced, a lot of the stuff in the books (YES I'm also that guy) was lifted out of the movie (i.e.: "Let the match begin!" We get no Quidditch -_- FUCK YOU NEWELL), and if we REALLY wanted to go dark we could've left some scenes from the trailers in (I WANTED TO SEE DEATH EATERS LIFTING MUGGLES OVER THEIR HEADS). The direction sucked, some of the acting sucked, a lot of stuff was told not SHOWN, etc.

  8. cedric digory's dad's cry of pure anguish over his son's body while being held from behind rings in my ears as one of the most heart-wrenching cries I've ever heard.

  9. you know what really fucked me over? I can't remember if this happened in the book but in the movie where Harry and Cedric are running towards the Triwizard Cup, Cedric falls and gets tangled in vines begging for Harry to help him. Harry stops for a moment and decides what to do – of course being the good guy he is, saves him and they both run after the cup. But this act of savior somewhat ended up killing Cedric in the end, and if he was left in the maze he would have survived like Krum or Fleur.
    So in conclusion – Harry saved him, but unknowingly led him to his death :/

  10. Goblet of Fire is my favorite book but it's hard to gauge my favorite movie when it's the same story as the book.

  11. This is the worst Harry Potter movie in my opinion. It's really melodramatic but doesn't really work. Cedric is great but the drama is really bad. Totally get it where you talk about Ron

  12. The worst Harry Potter movie. Half Blood Prince was really boring overall, but had a kickass beginning and end. This one wastes even more time with the preparations for that fucking ball.

  13. Yeah, happy magical fun time ends with this one. This is my favorite of them all, though I'm not exactly sure why. I loved the first 3, too, but something about this movie just sort of brought that all to a delicious climax, and from here it got a lot darker and more serious. I only own the first 4 movies, and I love this whole series, but to me, all the following movies save possibly for part 1 of the last book fall just a bit short. Too much action, maybe. I miss the character development and the COLORS and the fun they all had at Hogwarts up to this point, and it's clearly never the same after. Thanks for reviewing these!!! Your take on them is a fun watch! 🙂

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