Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Movie Review

This newest film works its magic amongst the best of the series.

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  1. I disagree 100% with that review it is the weakest in the series granted the first and second films acting and effects could have been better but that can be forgiven as they have quite low budgets and the kids were very young but this being the 6th in the series there is no excuse really.

  2. For me this was the worst Harry Potter film of the bunch, but I still enjoyed it. My main complaints on the movie was that it 1.
    seemed lighter than the two previous ones (goblet of fire and order of the phoenix)
    2.Ron's and Lavender's relationship didn't felt immature.
    3. The movie was silly at times.
    4. They removed Dumbledore's funeral.

    Overall, I did enjoy the movie, and I would give it a 6, not a terrible movie, but could of been a lot better.

  3. I hated Part 1 of deathly hallows. Deathly Hollows Part 2 I thought was better than my original opinion of it, but still I think Half Blood Prince was the best.

  4. Deathly Hallows Part 1 was pretty damn good. I'll give Mr. Yates that much.
    But part 2 was simpley disgusting. But this is just my opinion.
    I haven't visited the HP forums in a while, so I don't really have a sample space to say what the opinion of the majority of the fans was.

  5. Right, because something expensive always results in something good. (sarcasm)
    Seriously? You´re gonna quote David Yates? The dude that directed some of the worst HP movies in the series? Of course he´s going to say that.
    Don't let the critics' opinions fool you.
    A bunch of Indie directors probably bled from their eyes after reading that remark from Yates. 😉

  6. Yeah,I didnt ask every fan in the world,but there are various internet forums (which contain the more die hard fans,such as myself) that agreed the movie wasnt good. So considering the harry potter fanbase, Id say I have a reasonably valid sample space to affirm the majority of the fans (not just any common viewer) disliked it. You liked it and Im cool with that
    I get what you mean about the scenes in LotR, but that's just the way it is. I wouldn't say Jackson's directing had much to do with it.

  7. Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know you had asked every single fan in the world what they thought about this film and then got an average. And LotR movies aren't supposed to be very serious, but many scenes like the one in which they decide whoever is taking the ring, or Gandalf vs Saruman, just seemed way too silly for me.

  8. You wouldn't say the majority of the fans disliked it, but that doesn't make it any less true. Sure there were a lot who liked it. Still, technically speaking, the majority didn't really care for the movie. But, indeed, you are entitled to your own opinion.
    As for LotR, it falls into the Epic category, therefore making it almost impossible to escape the cliche/corny/tacky moments (although I'd consider it an overstatement to call it that).

  9. I wouldn't say the majority of fans disliked it, there are many who did, but I know many that liked it- but I have the right to my own opinion, right? About Peter Jackson, I think he did a good job with action scenes, visuals, characters (except for Frodo) and plot, but the films just seem too pedantic to me. It's like he wants to impress you throughout every single second of the films, and there are lots of tacky, soap-opera like moments in this films. Just my opinion, of course.

  10. Okay dude, whatever you say. If you think they actually developed the characters well and did a good adaptation, that that's your opinion. Just know it's not the general consensus. Most Harry Potter fans hated the movie. I'm not saying you're not an HP fan if you liked the half blood prince movie. Im just pointing out that the majority of the fans didnt like it (and maybe there's a reason for that.)
    And not liking Peter Jackson's directing cripples your credibility a bit. Just sayin'

  11. It's a movie adaptation, therefore it's supposed to be a movie that stands on it's own that just happens to be based on a book, not a copy of it. Yeah, there are good films that are very faithful to the book, but there are also others that have many differences. They can't change everything, but there are some things they have to change or there will be no point in doing it.

  12. Is everything that's necessary for people to understand the plot there? Yes. Did they make a good job developing the characters? Yes. Did they capture the spirit of the book? Yes. A movie is totally different from a book, yes, somethings that work on movies don't work on books and vice versa. There are many great films that differ from the book a lot, The Shining for example. About Lord of the Rings, well, I liked it's script, yes, but I don't like Peter Jackson's direction so much.

  13. Forget the book because they're totally different?? Seriously?? It's supposed to be a frickin' adaptation. Maybe the morons behind the movie thought as you did. But that's not a valid excuse. The Lord of the Rings (any of the books) had a hell of a lot going on too, yet the movies were very well adapted (with the third one winning best adapted screenplay). So I apologize if I'm being a bit harsh on the movie, but excellent adaptations have been made beofre, and HPHBP just doesn't cut it IMO…

  14. I think it's a very hard book to adapt since there's so much going on at the same time. They need to find a balance with every single important aspect of the book, and I think they did a pretty good job in that matter.

  15. The plot that follows the movie series is a more basic version of what happens in the books. There are lots of cool things in the book that were left out, but I think they just wouldn't work. Imagine if we had a ton of Voldemort memories. Wouldn't it make the film repetitive after a while? And it would just make us forget about other aspects like Draco's mission or the half blood prince book. When we watch a film, we must just forget the book because they're totally different.

  16. Yeah sure, it did get the plot, but only if you mean the plot that follows the movie series. There are very important things (that could have been put in) that were left out. And not only that, but they even changed a lot of the scenery from the book. Things that were perfectly described to the last detail and they still didn't do it right. To me, that's just sloppy work. If someone read the first five books then saw the sixth movie, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be satisfied.

  17. Dude, I've read the book and I loved it. It's a great movie by it's own, therefore, yes, it's a good adaption. It's easy to get all the plot if you haven't read the book and it has captured it's spirit. Yeah, many things were cut, by most of it wouldn't work in a movie. I was really worried that they would just make a huge battle in the end and forget that the ending is supposed to be a sad moment- or that they would use that cliché of the slowmotion with sad music in the middle of a battle.

  18. Guys, they didn't use alot from the book but they learned from their mistake and made the final film in two parts. We should consider ourselves lucky! Imagine if the last film was in one part. They would have to cut so much.

  19. @ADumB42 I'm with you! Aside from your preferences of movies, I thought HBP was the worst because of the reasons you've said. It wasn't Harry Potter for me because too much Potter-stuff was left out. Also, the battle scene at the end was my FAVOURITE part of the book! I was so excited for it at the end, I'd built myself up for it, and they dropped me from a huge cliff :,(

  20. @eeehrenberg Actually, I thought Half-Blood Prince was the worst because the romance between Ron and Lavender got way too much screen time and they cut out the epic battle at the end which is my favourite part of the book. Huge disappointment for me. I loved Prisoner of Askaban, though. I thought it was cleverly filmed and I love Hermione's growth. They did the whole story well, aside from what was left out.

  21. @DBZisthebestanimever That's what it probably is to everyone, because it isn't as dark as the others

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