Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – Movie Review

In re-watching the Harry Potter films, I figured “why not review them”? So, here’s my review of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”!

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40 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – Movie Review

  1. I saw the movie for the 1st time yesterday n I actually liked it n now i am going to read the 1st book!

  2. oh god this takes me back, I remember reading the first book with my dad only a few months before the movie came out. I think i was 9 or 10 when the first movie came out, I just remember loving it so damn much, as soon as we left the theatre I begged my parents to go to the book store and buy the second book.
    I rewatched it a few months ago and… it doesn't quite hold up as much as i wanted it to, the special effects in particular look really (and sometimes awfully) dated. I still like the movie and have some truly amazing memories tied to it and the book, but of all the movies this one in my opinion has aged the worst, I will further elaborate on that if and when I comment on the review of Chamber of Secrets.
    also it's definitely Philosophers Stone, thats what Rowling intended and what it's called everywhere except the US.

  3. Harry Potter Films Ranked:
    1. Prizoner Of Azkhaban
    2. Deathly Hallows Part II
    3. Goblet Of Fire
    4. Sorcerer's Stone
    5. Chamber Of Secrets
    6. Deathly Hallows Part I
    7. Half Blood Prince
    8. Order Of Phoenix

  4. So if Nicolas Flamel was 665 years old when he decided to get rid of the stone, would that mean that it would be evil to keep it another year?

  5. love your channel Jeremy by the way I own a wedding chapel and we are having a Harry Potter themed wedding in September

  6. With the weather during their sports you have to take into account that they're in Scotland
    not very good weather up there

  7. i enjoy and love watching the movies even now. ill say i do have a bit of problems and opitions. but regardless they are still great to watch. all the actors playing them really imbraced there characters. this is the rare time when i would have accepted splitting book 4 in two movies and same with 5 – 7. having read the books first i would have accepted and really loved that so you could get more detail and key plots in new fans needed to know.

  8. In one of the Harry Potter movies Harry literally says "what place could be safer than Hogwarts?" and I busted out laughing. Seriously, nothing good happens at Hogwarts. Every year some new terror comes and threatens to kill you Harry. You're better off under the stairs.

  9. This review shows Jeremy Jahns does not need new movies to make new reviews. We really enjoyed this movie review. He put a lot of thought into this. Great Job!

  10. I didn't think I'd like the book when everyone was reading it for the first time. Then I read it and guess what … nope, I didn't like it. The I read the next book and didn't like that either. As of now, I've read all the books and seen all the movies and Order of the Phoenix is the about the only thing of literary value in the series. Too bad the movie for that one didn't capture the kernel of skill that was put into the book.

  11. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, it's the first "real" and dense book I ever read but, as a manga fan I have to say that when I finished the books, Harry wasn't the hero of the story anymore. Indeed, in most mangas about kids and teenagers, the main character works hard AF to gain the abilities which allow him to beat his foes but, with this story Harry really doesn't do much. Dumbledore, Snapes, his mother and even Hermione (and of course Voldemort) are far better wizards who gave him all the weapons he needed to defeat Voldemort. It's a bit disappointing because in the fourth book Harry expresses an interest in becoming an Auror like MadEye Moody but, at the end of the story he's nowhere near this level of masterliness (which makes sense given his young age) and he never really tries to get there and, he ends up defeating Voldemort with two or three spells thanks to Dumbledore and Snapes' efforts.
    So, to me the brilliance of this story really resides on the sacrifices all these people made to save Harry and defeat Voldemort and the characters I admire are Dumbledore and Snapes who have so brilliantly crafted Voldemort demise.

  12. Since you've just recommended that we read the books, you're going to be the first guest of Collider Book Talk hosted by the Beard ft. David Griffin.

  13. I can't remember if movies actually mention that in world cup despite Krum actually caught the snitch, his team lost. Not completely broken game.

  14. This is my ultimate feel good franchise… happy or sad, bored or not, busy or not.. I can watch it over and over, and the theme song melts my heart

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