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The RS badge carries a pounds of expectation about it. Can the Honda Civic RS stay up to it?

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14 thoughts on “Honda Civic RS Critique | Auto Testimonials | Wheels Australia

  1. This is the first Honda i'd buy for a long time! Finally an up to date driveline and good looks inside and out. Mazda has been smashing Honda for the last decade.

  2. Fuck you honda the 2015 honda cars are good looking fuck the 2016 my fucking 8th gen is way better looking then this pos

  3. Very expensive for parts and servicing and its almost $10,000 dearer than standard corolla and $5000 dearer than corolla hybrid. Its a fail.

  4. So many old Wheels mag's from the 80's and 90's sitting in boxes on my bookshelf, didn't even know you were on the Tube until now. Only 1000 sub's per year? Better get Harris Monkey to do a few reviews for you. I kinda miss the excitement of walking into a news agency to buy car mag's actually. Damn you interweb!

  5. Are you absolutely sure Australian Civic come fitted with Acoustic Windscreen? It's standard in US but doesn't seem so in Thailand and Malaysia. In fact Honda Malaysia has come firmed it's not fitting Acoustic Windscreen on Civic.

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